The Chemist

The Chemist

 Fitzroy, Victoria, AUS

"...required viewing for any alt-rock fan, but fans of any genre could appreciate The Chemist's craftsmanship and imagination." -Xpress Mag


THE CHEMIST The Wolves’ Howls Shatter The Old Glass Moon EP

It seems there’s always a lot of hoopla coming from the West about this band or that... or that something’s in the water that the musicians have been drinking. But now here comes a band with neither hype, nor hip-factor, but simply future. They are Perth’s best-kept secret...

The Chemist.

Singer/guitarist Ben Witt spent his teens as something of a blues wunderkind, busking on weekends when his buddies were surfing; playing suburban venues when his classmates were studying (yet then, as most certainly now, he always did his homework).

Hundreds of gigs led to full-time tuition as Witt started adding new sounds to the malleable memory bank of music in his head. From that experience has emerged the musical mélange that is The Chemist.

With Colleagues and fellow creative minds Elliot Smith (drums), Hamish Rahn (bass) and James Ireland (keyboards), The Chemist may be youthful but are far beyond young. Some early blues influences, combined with the swagger and personality of Witt’s beloved troubadour idols, Waits and Dylan, the band strives for the perfect song architecture of The Beatles in full bloom. One must.

“As a musician you're always picking up new things along the way to put in your musical wardrobe,” Witt says. “You'll be working on a song and it will ask for something... you go to your musical wardrobe and say, ‘what would be the appropriate attire for this occasion?’ we did a lot of ‘clothes’ shopping playing blues and studying at Uni, I guess you could say!”

“I want the music to be fun, interesting, moving and bad ass,” says Witt, characterising the band’s music with familiar shapes, yet through a different lens. And so it is on The Chemist’s debut EP, The Wolves’ Howls Shatter The Old Glass Moon. Produced by Joel Quartermain (Eskimo Joe) the EP is but the beginning for The Chemist, yet it brims with five tracks shining with class and personality.

Touring with Old Man River and Boy & Bear will introduce a national audience to The Chemist’s enigmatic blend of grace and gravel. Bring your prescription.

“Keep it unpredictable and wild,” says Witt when asked of what track the band will pursue. “Hopefully when people put the songs on in the car they pull their shades down, light their cigarette and rock some spirit fingers out the window.”


The Wolves’ Howls Shatter The Old Glass Moon

End Of July – It’s a fun song to play. We tried to include some things we love about music.... dirty groove, melodies, noise, guitars and the bells are the cherries on top.

Stars - We originally recorded this song with Luke Steele, so you can hear his
influence on this track. It’s reminiscent of The Beatles, it pumps out a lot of harmonies. We threw the kitchen sink to it by the end of the song. This was the first song Joel heard of the band, he heard the demo at a party we both attended when a friend Andy (Lawson) who ended up engineering the EP, had a copy.

Things Have Changed – It’s got a Tom Waits vibe going on. James (Ireland,
keyboards) is on piano accordion. The two and fours are a sample from a movie set in the ’30s in the deep south of America and the prisoners are working on the railway. It’s a song about change, getting a little older and going, ‘uh, so this is what goes on in the world’.

Don't Look Down – A song about going up and coming down. Getting well high, and crashing down. Winning big at the casino, to lose it all on the next hand. Finding the girl of your dreams, to find out she's a lesbian, etc, etc.

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Written By: The Chemist

I’ve been looking up
At what’s coming down
I’ve lost what I had found
Can we open the blinds?
I need a little light

Crippled like the floor
The shadows crawl
Like spiders up the wall
So my mind tries to do what my eyes can’t

I don’t really care if they’re gonna steal the sun
I’m gonna kidnap all the stars
Capture one by one by one

Drawn by memories
I had to leave
To find a sanctuary where I could go
& swim into denial

Handcuffed to the dark
I’ve captured stars
So let your love light shine
& laughter curl around the edges of your tongue

I don’t really care if they’re gonna steal the sun
I’m gonna kidnap all the stars
Capture one by one by one

My mind swims inside a glass box
Sacrificed like a love to the rocks
Lately sleep don’t come easily
I’m so scattered, where have I been?

End of July

Written By: The Chemist

End of July
I've got the shortcut home tattooed across my broken brain
Shadows sleep in different streets but when they dream the dreams the same

I don't want to see another day, before i see the end of july

She'll dance till the sun turns black, with your eyes in her hands and heart in her shoes
I've got the shortcut home tattooed across my broken brain

I don't want to see another day, before i see the end of july

Lullaby #1 (Mercy)

Written By: The Chemist

Lullaby #1 (Mercy)

I want to believe, I want to believe in mercy, mercy \
When thrown out to sea the tide can retrieve our mercy, mercy \
The streets are riddled red with fire, there’s vultures swooping like hail. \
But it’s still quiet inside this house, nothing can do you harm here. \
Mercy sleeps inside love’s arms, nothing can do you harm here. \


The Wolves' Howls Shatter The Old Glass Moon - May 2010