the chesterfield bridge

the chesterfield bridge


The Chesterfield Bridge sound is throwing emotions in box and shaking them until you can't shake no more. If you were to boil Muse, Blindside and Incubus in a pot, you would find yourself with rock/pop elements that seperate this band from all the rest.


The young members of The Chesterfield Bridge have already compiled a list of accomplishments that any band would be proud of. This list of accomplishments is only the beginning however, and that does not mean that they are slowing down any time soon. These accomplishments have only motivated them to further their success. The band formed in 2003 in New Boston, MI and started playing live shows very soon after. There was nothing else to do, so we figured we would start a band, states founding member Justin Riley (guitar). 4 years, and many shows later, the band is selling out local venues with a capacity of 200+.

We work constantly every day to grow our fan base!, states Dane Sancho (bass). We spend a lot of time in malls, and other areas where our fan base hangs out, and we approach people and offer to let them listen to our CD. Most of the time, we end up signing autographs, and posing for pictures, which just amazes me!

The bands first EP was recorded at Tempermill Studios (Factory 81, Kid Rock, Suicide Machines) and released in May, 2005. Since it’s release, it has gone on to independently sell over 1,000 copies, and also receive radio airplay on such stations as 89X Radio, WRIF, and many college radio stations across the state of Michigan. Their 2nd release (For The Good Of Evil, released on December 12th, 2006), another EP, this time recorded at Cloud City Studios in Redford, MI and self produced has quickly made noise in the Detroit music market. Due to the bands great work ethic, the EP has sold 300 copies in it’s first month!

The bands local success has enabled them to open for such bands as Lucerin Blue (Tooth and Nail Records), Crackjaw (I Scream Records), and Shiner Massive (Metal Blade Records). In 2005, the band packed up and traveled to Santa Barbara, CA to open a show for V2 Records recording artist, Sugarcult.

The band performed in front of 4,000 people at this show, and left California having gained many new fans, and the respect of the members of Sugarcult.

Most recently (July, 2006), the band entered a battle of the bands contest sponsored by bodogMusic (Bif Naked, Neurosonic, Warren G). Through 3 rounds, and 300 total bands, the band survived all the way through to the final round, which was held at the State Theatre in Detroit, MI. In front of 2,000 people the band put on a show to remember, and ended up finishing in 2nd place. Once again, the band used this experience to motivate them, and continues to work hard towards achieving their dreams.

The future is bright for this young band from a small country town in southeastern Michigan. Currently planning upcoming tour date, make sure to catch The Chesterfield Bridge in a town near you.


For the Good of Evil

Written By: The Chesterfield Bridge

scream dear God as you listen to the media roar
and the tanks role in
you went out to fight their war for nothing

kill your tired soul and set your body free
you'll hear those words coming from your t.v.

take every part of me and break it up to pieces
fake every part of it to make it real to me

lights out, full stride, prepare for battle
think too high your head might hit the clouds

put your guns away and grab your knifes
we'll take their legs and cut them off

kill your tired soul and set your body free
you'll hear those words coming from your t.v.

Awake Within A Dream

Written By: The Chesterfield Bridge

i watched the sun fill up your eyes
and i've been waiting here for days for you

we'll run away into the sky
we'll be ok if we can only stay awake

we're so smooth, the way we'll make our escape
from here we'll go away

i'd never let you get away
i won't ignore the words you say
together we will be ok, someway

can't you see i'm right here
waiting for you to save me from this place
climb up inside me we'll fly away
lets leave today, lets go

your not alone, i'm here with you tonight

don't loose the light in your eyes
we'll never get away
don't loose the light in your eyes
cause you know, your not alone

Self Destructive

Written By: The Chesterfield Bridge

I'm on a self destructive path
I need to get inside your head
I need to take your blood bath
I want to feel just like I'm dead

this things its caught inside of you
it makes your feel like your the truth
it lets you do the things you do
its like a drug that helps you through

you force it down and we'll laugh it up
we'll dance around cause its not enough
we need some more because we can stop now

death is like a part of you
its what you love to always do
its what you always thought you knew
its what you do and i do it too

ill hit the groud go fill the cup
ill spin around and light it up
we need some more because i love you now

I'm on a self destructive path
I need to get inside your head
I need to take your blood bath
I want to feel just like I'm dead
I want to feel like im dead, again, and again, and again

ohhh, I want to feel like im dead


We released our first EP with four songs on it in may of 2004. We have had airplay on local stations such as 89x and 101 THE WRIF. Since then we have released a new EP called "muse.prize.peice.god" and it sold over 400 copies the first night. NOW OUT the newest EP "For The Good of Evil"- all songs are on our myspace right now. Now having an abundance of genius non-recorded songs, a full length CD is our next step in recording.

Set List

Awake(within a dream)
For the good of evil
Pushing Back
Sharpening tools
Why Are you leaving
Muse and a lie
She Said
Self Destructive
Dress (green)
What do you know about drugs
End is near
Stole my love
Adore Faithful
Out of your skyy