The Chet Parsons Project

The Chet Parsons Project


The Chet Parsons Project . . . We want to scare your parents again.


Formed in April 20, 2003 @ 4:20 pm in Manchester, United Kingdom. The original line up featured Chet Parsons, Thurston Rockwell, Estella Rose and Tsquared.

Their goal was to make feedback and distortion driven hard rock that strayed from the polished mild-rock sounds that have dominated Top 40 radio. Instead of churning out a cookie cutter sound such as pop-punk or synth rock, the band mined influences ranging from The Pixies and Slayer to Billy Ray Cyrus and Surrealist Composers of the 40's in order to create Rock that is beyond classification.

After getting their start touring bars in The UK, The Netherlands, and Tokyo; The Project signed to Infinity Record and Exploitation Records in Nov '05. Member Tsquared retired and Chicago drummer Seryozha was added. In Dec '05 The Chet Parsons project left for the USA where they recorded the upcoming EP "Chet Monsters will haunt you in your Dreams" a follow up to their Debut EP "Chetting in The Dark".


"Chet in the Dark" EP 2004
"Starend Bij De Muur.." Dutch Single 2004
"When The Truth is.." Japanese Single 2005
"Chetting in The Dark" American Re-release 2006

The singles "The Mangler" and "Unexplainable" have received regular rotation on various European College and Internet radio stations.

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Set List

The Mangler (3:41)
Be B Flat (5;12)
Since I've Left (3:25)
Moon in Peaces (4:31)
Pretty Dumb (4:31)
Unexplainable (3:58)
Untitled #7 (3:25)

Normal set 1/2 Hour to 1 1/2 Hours