The Chevron Whores

The Chevron Whores


The Chevron Whores have taken the historical enemies of Punk and Prog', and melded them into the future of Rock n Roll. The Whores are Syd Barret and Syd Vicious in the same band - It's the equivalent to shooting acid and smack, while a DJ mixes Pink Floyd with The Sex Pistols!?!?


The Chevron Whores brand new single has landed, and this time the boys think they have cracked the future of Rock 'n' Roll. With their new 6minute 17second rhapsody "Mistress of the Night", The Whores have moulded rocks commercial viability, prog's musical dexterity, and punks heaving aggression into one corker of a song. Brisbane’s Time Off Magazine described Mistress of the Night as;

"An epically riotous piece that is bound to take you back to the days when prog and punk were played with such passion."
~Dan Condon, Time Off Magazine (20-26 June 2007).

The Whores are the Gold Coast’s premier unsigned act. They are one of the few G.C. bands who have;
• Regularly pulled over 200 punters to their shows,
• Received numerous write ups in Brisbane street press, as well as being played on Brisbane radio
• Supported international touring acts and toured interstate
• Booked 60 seat busses to Brisbane for their fans,
• Played all major G.C. venues multiple times,
• And have a real life “reputation” - which they back with their multifarious music and enthralling live shows.

The band will be heading back into the studio soon to follow up Mistress of the Night with their sophomore EP – a disc that is bound to turn heads. Wolfmother may have captured the retro rock sound of early Black Sabbath, but The Whores are looking to break down the walls of Zep’, Deep Purple, Yes, DK’s, Iggy, Floyd and Queen, then rebuild it all again for the 21st century. Come 2008, Wolfmother may be gettting "Paranoid", but The Whores will be the band that brings the REVOLUTION!!

“Mistress of the night shows how The Chevron Whores go against the grain, transforming a sleazy tight-leather-pants song into the six minute muscle rock epic.”
~Simon Topper, RAVE Magazine (17-23 July 2007)

If you want to board the Whore Train contact;

Ph: 0415 210 549

And don’t forget;


2007 - Take Me to Heaven
2006 - Saturday Night Sin
2004 - Free Like an STD

Set List

The Chevron Whores typically play a 45 minute set but can play over an hour of original music if
required. The set always has punk rock aggression, however the band is smart enough to know when to put the brakes on, or pull the chops out. The Whores love to break down into ambient passages and then slowly build the sound up again into a swirling frenzy. By doing this they have managed to win over head bangers and music nerds alike.

Due to the diversity of the Whores music, they have been offered support slots from artists as diverse as CKY (metal), BLOWFLY (rap/funk), and NICK BARKER (blues). In all situations, the Whores can adapt their set to suit the nights bill.

Current Set for upcoming gigs;

1. Medicine - Heavy riff laden opener guaranteed to draw the punters in.

2. Liquor Wounds - A thrash punk classic, with the most beautiful, ambient breakdown ever inserted into a song about infertility

3. Hanging Out - A slower blues track with a 6/8-8/8 breakdown for all the