The Chicago Thieves

The Chicago Thieves


Top Quality Blues Band, Great Music, Great Show, If you love the Blues, we're the band to choose.


The Chicago Thieves were born just 3 years ago out of the band Unkle Munkle. From the outset, the band made a concerted effort to achieve a genuine Chicago type Blues sound.
The name of the band came to us via one of our Ladies, who said as we were to be Chicago in style, and that most of the original set was covers, "Chicago Thieves" would be appropriate.
The rest...... After a short while (and 2 or 3 drummers...yes, they are weird), we finally struck gold with our Tone, and proceeded to start writing in earnest. At the present time we are doing about 50/50 covers & originals.
As for the line up, in Dan we have what we and many others consider one of the Best Guitarists playing today in any type of band. A truly great musician.
James, over the years we have been together, has developed into an outstanding pianist, with a great feel for the music.
As for our legend on Bass, Mr. Searle's pedigree speaks for itself, a class act.
On the drums, a true exponent of versatility, 35 years on the skins brings you Tony Still.
As for myself, Craig Giles, a true Blues Shouter in the Old Tradition....well, if i don't blow it no one else will.
Our music is drawn from our heroes, such as the King, Mr. Morganfield (Muddy Waters) and really far too many others to list.
We are a very well-rehearsed, well turned out professional band, whose aim is to enjoy every aspect of performing. We believe that this is the secret to audiences enjoying it too, and surely that's why we do it.
Recently we have won The Blues Quest Comp, run by the World Famous Eel Pie Club for best unsigned Blues band in the London area. Also we went down extremely well at The Great British R&B Festival in Lancashire, and have been offered 2 recording deals since. We were featured in the December issue Of Blues Matters, the top British Blues Mag.

The Band Has just finished recording it's latest Album, "In The Windy City". Appearing on 5 of the 12 tracks (11 originals) is the one and only Mr Paul Lamb.
The album should be released early sept.


Late In The Evening

Written By: Craig Giles

It’s late in the evening, radio’s playin an old sad song.
No more bourbon in the bottle, my cigarettes have nearly all gone.
Seems I’v been crying here for days now
And you ain’t been left here very long.

My heart's been left in tatters, and my mind is in a spin.
I just wished you could’a told me, the sorry state that we’d got in.
Seems it’s all a bit to late now
Coz your love for me has worn too thin

Darlin’ please please tell me, that my hope is not forlorn,
That there just might be a chance, we could make it through this storm.
They say that time can be a healer.
I hope our love can be reborn.

Oh love, precious love, please don’t leave me this way,
If I promise to change my ways, there might be better days.
I can't make it on my own babe
Need you right here with me, till I’m old and grey.

Alone With The Blues

Written By: Craig Giles

Take a look out my window, see the the rain fall down the pane x2
Take a look in my heart, see it's rainin' just the same.

Tell me, tell me baby, why'd you be so cruel to me x2
You left here with my best friend, and thats what's killin' me.

Tears fill my eyes, ever since you went away x2
And i won't stop cryin' until you come back home to stay.

I loved you with my heart and soul ,but it wasn't enough for you x2
Now i'm alone here in my bedroom with nothin' except the blues.

Repeat Verse 1.


Our 1st full Album was released on 17 Nov 2007. "In The Windy City" has 11 original tracks and 1 cover.
The album features one of the World's Top Harmonica Players, on 5 of the tracks....From Paul Lamb & The Kingsnakes, Mr. Lamb himself.
There are 4 tracks in full to listen to here.
The album is having quite a bit of internet radio play already and receiving some excellent reviews.

Set List

50 percent original blues material / 50 percent covers by the Blues Masters (Muddy Waters, etc.). "The Hardest Hittin' Blues Band Around". Blues Matters Magazine.