A great live show! This band is very active and lively. A wide variety of sounds.Guitar double & triple harmonys with saxophone, powerfull vocals & juggling. Great power ballads but also a thilling throw down ROCK SHOW! The band will keep your attention with one surprise and thrill after another.


Long live guitar!Long live saxophone!Driven by vocals, the dawgs have a very powerful rock sound. People always want to jump and dance when they lay it down. Intense lively stage performances are above average. The saxophne player can even juggle for a little gag now and then.They will put a smile on your face and get your head a' noggin! They have a very original cool sound. The music heard on this site speaks for itself but they're influences are from a wide variety of other artists such as 80's stuff, Guns and Roses, AC/DC, Skynard and Bon Jovi. They love to have a lively interaction with the audience during the show and often call up volunteers from the audience on stage to have them play cow bells and such. They are a freindly bunch of boys.


CD s The Chilly Dawgs have made are...the 2002 debut cd -"The Chilly Dawgs", 2006-"Poison" cd. and the 2009-"Volcano"cd. Nearly every song off of the Poison cd and all songs from the Volcano cd have been played on Fm radio in Missouri. The song poison has also been used on Am radio as bumper music for KFRU out of Columbia Mo.
Songs from The "VOLCANO" cd have been played over 7000 times in just 12 weeks on our Myspace site and the band has been getting tons of emails about how the fans love the songs. We do love to make records!

Set List

enough original material & show for up to 2 hours.