The Chime Owls

The Chime Owls


We are boys and girls. We are husbands and wives. We are forward. We are back. We think the best thinking is done when we don't. We want to bleat and sing like wild giraffes.


Jeff writes the songs. He listens to: David Bowie, The Beatles, Radiohead, Grizzly Bear, Why?, St. Vincent, Of Montreal, Elton John, Yes, Fleet Foxes, Fugazi, Refused, Mars Volta, Spoon, Dungen, Jaga Jazzist, your face on 10 hits of acid as you drink lemonade from a marrow straw with midwest bleach bones. The Chime Owls sound like all of/none of the above. Actually we sound more like Pavement, whoever that may be.


The Reflecting Draw EP any day now.

Set List

I, Claudius
Glaucos' Swop
Queen of the Youth Crusaders
Fuck You, You Fucking Drug Addict
When the Clock Stops
Deus Deceptor and the Prince of Orange
Summer is Over