the Chimeras

the Chimeras


The Chimeras are four Philadelphians who play rock and roll from the height of an electric pulpit with songs and sounds that expel bursts of glass shard and colored prisms.


The Chimeras is a four piece musical outfit from the city of Philadelphia. Rooted in collective interest like The Band, VU, The Kinks, Television, and 60's era Nuggets, began playing in basements in Winter 2004. The 4-track recording, Soil Beside The River EP, came shortly after. Then, after the live debut in Fall 2005, regular shows followed throughout Philadelphia's notable venues. Subsequent recording sessions yielded EP two, A Month of Ash. The Chimeras briefly toured the Midwest then took a one year break to pursue personal endeavors. Upon gathering, renewed perspective gave way to the album, Party of God. Built with broader instrumentation and a more ambitious musical approach to augment/illustrate the scope in the words. During an age of extremes, the album hopes to echo the fragmentation in the world of religion and politics and present a sympathetic view of the men & women caught in the crossfire.


August In Beirut

Written By: Ferry

august in beirut

well the fire came down like rain and
filled the city up with hate
now or never, the generals spoke,
and filled the desert up with hope

you are on the wrong side of history

the siren comes and goes and
comes and takes whatever
she wants
once her eyes set upon my pride
and i unarmed said goodbye

you are on the wrong side of history

there i sit, cross-legged and unfit,
for service in the party of a god
the rocket's reds glare at me,
bombs burst indifferently

you are on the wrong side of history

Good Friday

Written By: Ferry

good friday

you lit a fire under the sun
and man did it burn like the barrel of a fresh-shot gun

tell me soldier, what is your name?
we will speak in the future tense and debate poetry

more, more

march young rebel, hands behind your head
jesus fell for the second time and this is what he said:

more, more, more

where is your anger?

Bullet's Song

Written By: Ferry

the bullet's song

i once knew a nation she had diamonds in her eyes
there were ladies selling roses at a reasonable price
there were goldfish in the windows, there were evenings on the lawn
there was something to look forward to when the money was all gone

and as i was a child, i read her history books
and fell in love with chivalry and the honor it bespoke
there were postcards licked with pictures, there were cookies in the
and we would kick the can each night across a starlit yard

and the arrogance of a gun
sucked the thunder from your
made your dreams

reel in all your flags, tonight commit them to the flames
for symbols fall apart so easily it seems these days
with just a rifle's shot
with just my bayonette
with just a daisy bomb full of malice and regret
for just a father's love
for just an oil drum
with just the best intentions, with whatever would become

Escape Into Jordan

Written By: Ferry

Bullet's Song

That was the window
and this is the wind
blowing through your hair sweet undulations

Asphalts and limestones
under the wheel
humming with desert incantations

i lit a candle
i took a picture
i kept a memento
it doesn't me, it never did
god it's so lonesome

i left my country
cause it fell apart
in the embrace of an empire's arms

kiss me and tell me i'll see you again
kiss me and tell me i'll see you again

My Dear Mohammed

Written By: Ferry

my dear mohammed

i cut town and i crossed the country, i didn't leave a wake
i set out on a horse and theory, trying to find the place
where the desert meets the
where the shadow meets the
where the young men need a
and religion can't be taught

i'm gonna have me a revelation, i'm gonna stand in place
and let the west spin off of its axis, let the infidels say:
he's a madman with a vision
he's a lunatic divine
and i will bow before every
word of his
I will heed the cry

my dear mohammed
my dear mohammed

then he came into black arabia, i didn't turn my head
but the clippity-clop of the cavalry charge sounded out the way
so mohammed will you save
will you forgive all you've
will the warrior inside me
will the story, just, be bought

my dear mohammed
my dear mohammed


Soil Beside The River EP (2005)
A Month of Ash EP (2006)
Party of God (TBA 2008)

Set List

1. And We'll Be Greeted As Liberators
2. Bullet's Song
3. Escape Into Jordan
4. My Dear Mohammed
5. August In Beirut
6. Martyr Song
7. Coffin For An Ibis
8. Good Friday
9. Private Pearlman's Theme
10. The Advertisement
11. Yours, George
12. Fallujah Blues/Lux

-Typical set is 40-45 mins