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"What to make of West Philly's Chimeras?"

What to make of West Philly's Chimeras? On the recent Party of God they sigh and vent about the Iraq War and other Middle Eastern conflicts over slapdash arrangements that sound as inspired by 90s lo-fi as by the most raggedly twangy of Stones songs. (Maybe chalk that up to the album's nervy energy and scratchy home-movie feel.) The way grim lyrics about oil and religion are paired so naturally with whooping melodies takes some getting used to, and when the hoarse lead vocals give way to falsetto, all bets are off. But while frustration may sweat heavily out of every song, the Chimeras sure find some fun in cage-rattling. (Doug Wallen) - Philadelphia Weekly

"One Track Mind - A Review of "My Dear Mohammed""

A rain-on-tin tone and nicotine bounce propel Party of God, the first full-length from West Philly quartet the Chimeras. There's also layers of subtext; the disc surveys approximately 12 disparate points of view on the War on Terror culled from Times stories and cable news, attempting to depoliticize the whole mess. For the most part, it succeeds. The fourth track, a meditative ballad called "My Dear Mohammed," takes the perspective of a journeyman studying Islam, seeking a sense of order and centralized strength amid troubling surroundings. References abound to deserts and warriors, but no clear distinction is made whether those things are to be found in the Middle East or the American West, whether our narrator's conflict is with an occupying force or intolerant neighbors. Indeed, the song's lightly picked, rootsy arpeggios and twangy harmonies add to the ambiguity. Stylistically, while the rest of the album is more Between the Buttons, this song is a downbeat "Dead Flowers." Topically, it backs away from the critiques and instead begs questions about what is just, what is heroic and who, exactly, is the "madman with a vision." (John Vettese) - Philadelphia City Paper


Soil Beside The River EP (2005)
A Month of Ash EP (2006)
Party of God (TBA 2008)



The Chimeras is a four piece musical outfit from the city of Philadelphia. Rooted in collective interest like The Band, VU, The Kinks, Television, and 60's era Nuggets, began playing in basements in Winter 2004. The 4-track recording, Soil Beside The River EP, came shortly after. Then, after the live debut in Fall 2005, regular shows followed throughout Philadelphia's notable venues. Subsequent recording sessions yielded EP two, A Month of Ash. The Chimeras briefly toured the Midwest then took a one year break to pursue personal endeavors. Upon gathering, renewed perspective gave way to the album, Party of God. Built with broader instrumentation and a more ambitious musical approach to augment/illustrate the scope in the words. During an age of extremes, the album hopes to echo the fragmentation in the world of religion and politics and present a sympathetic view of the men & women caught in the crossfire.