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The Chimps

Solarino, Sicily, Italy

Solarino, Sicily, Italy
Band Rock Alternative


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"The Chimps - ROAD 2"

After experiences with other bands and other music genres, the members of The Chimps came together to form an Indie band; you have Alex, Giuseppe, Andrea, Alessandro & Andrea Piccione. Over that time they've been clocking up gig appearances & recorded some really decent work! As the first track started to play, I found them instantly interesting and looked forward to what I was about to listen to.

Opening up is 4.20, the beginning starts off sharp and precise before blasting out into a steady rhythm. The chorus has a fun and lively bounce to it that you can't help but nod your head along to. The guitar riffs are exceptional and really create a good atmosphere along side the vocals. This song does a great job of grasping your attention and leaves you wondering what is to come up next. ..:NAMESPACE PREFIX = O />

One Two Three Star moves swiftly in, you really can't get away from the hypnotic twang of the guitars in the background; these are definitely one of the band's strong points. I love the simplicity of the song, the vocals aren't too over powering and the song hasn't been too over worked, it still retains its raw appeal. I quite like it!

Following on is Rainjune is a lovely piece; I love the words and the sentimentality they hold. I swear if you were to close your eyes and only hear the background noise, you would swear you were listening to music you've heard on the radio quite a lot. It presents an equal balance of loud and soft, perfect for listening to over and over.

It was a joke opens brilliantly; I do enjoy hearing the guitars in this band. The vocals tend to do better with the lower notes more so than with the higher pitches, but it doesn't ruin the song in any way; I just prefer the lower tones of the vocals.

Next up is Catch a dream has a steady start but picks up the pace a bit as it plays more; the thumping of the drums is quite present in this one. I like the more frantic way of the vocals in the versus, the words are brought out in these short, sharp bursts, it works really well

In another place has an uplifting guitar riff that mixes well with the vocals, although it does drag a bit in certain areas, but is still worth listening to. You might find yourself tempted to clap or dance along to this one just as the rhythm is quite infectious. I would say this one presents itself more as a filler song on the album and doesn't stand out as much as the others, but all in all its still fun to listen to.

Next in is Holy mother of damned generation which I must say I love the title instantly, it grabs my attention and sparks my curiosity as to what it sounds like. I love the gradual build of the guitars as they slowly get mixed in with the drum bashes it creates this cool and collected soundscape. The lyrics are imaginative and I can see this one going down well with crowds as they jump around and sing along with the words.

Untitled plays last on this mini album, again they spare no expense in the wicked guitar riff category, the intro is sweet and comes across well. I believe this one is my favourite for some reason, something about the riffs and the vocals I quite like and think work really well. It's one of those songs that others might listen to and not hear a definite hit instantly, but the more you listen to it, the more you love it. All these different elements come pouring out gradually and it's most definitely unique, I can't quite put my finger on what or who it might sound like, but I love it!

Like with any band they are influenced by many other different bands, but gladly they've been able to create certain uniqueness to them that I find quite charming and enjoyable to hear and I hope to hear many more songs from them in the future. "

- Kizzy H. - INFUZED (Glasgow - Scotland)


Road 2 (EP- 2007)



most Influences:


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