The Chosen

The Chosen


The Chosen with their signature live band and great family harmony. Come be a part of The Chosen exciting ministry.


Great family harmony and an exciting live band
continue to make The Chosen one of the most sought
after groups in the state of Oklahoma.

Jerry Tims, the groups founder, has put together a
group that is multi-talented and musically versatile.
Growing up in a musical family, it seemed only natural
for Jerry to develop a love for music. But it was his
personal experience with Jesus Christ that gave him
the desire to minister the word in song.
His songwriting talent has given the group the ability
to extend their music beyond the boundaries of
Southern Gospel and appeal to people of all ages.

Joining Jerry on vocals is his sister, Carol Compton.
Carol sings with power and anointing that cannot be
described, but must be experienced. Carol's daughter,
Courtney, who just turned 16, recently joined the
group as the third vocalist, and is excited about the
opportunity to sing with her mom and uncle Jerry.
"I'm glad to have my sister Carol, and my niece
Courtney singing with me," said Jerry. "I also
appreciate D.J., Billy Joe and J.D. for not only being
talented musicians, but being humble. God has blessed
us with talented individuals who want to see a change
in peoples lives. We ask for prayers from everyone to
keep us humble and to remain faithful to his calling."

The live band which includes, D.J. Gray (drums), Billy
Joe Caraway (bass) and J.D. Smart (lead guitarist) is
the group's finishing touch. It adds the versatility
they need to flow in the ministry God leads.
Recently the group signed a recording agreement with
the Eddie Crook Co. on the Morning Star/Signature
label. Promotions on their first radio single, "Face
to Face" is getting set for March.
"It really doesn't matter what the song does on the
charts," said Jerry about the song. "But if what we
say and sing can change someone's life for the better,
that's all that matters."

Come and see the live and exciting Gospel presented in
song by The Chosen!


I'm The One
Face To Face
He Came Through

Set List

We're in the process of some changes because of new
songs, but the old songs were

I'm the one (The Chosen), He always delivers me
(Arnolds), Rise Again" (Dallas Holms), The Blood,
Hallelujah meeting' (Original Hinsons), Face to Face
(The Chosen) and Jesus Will Be There (The Chosen)

Our sets are about 35-40 minutes long at services.
We're always in respect of the Holy Spirit and where
it leads us.

We've been working on some new original material and
we're slowly adding them into our set list, kind of
taking the covers out.
We have a live band, a four piece.

We usually do about six or seven songs in a service,
depending on the promoter or pastor.
We're always understanding of what we need to do and
how to do it.