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The name of the song is called "Do What It Do"

As solo artist we have music that has been on varuis radio stations mainly online radio and college stations as well as over seas.




The state of Hip-Hop Music today has gone in the toilet! Bombarded with MC’s that lack lyrical ability and originality. Flooding our airways with songs that seem to be more about whack gimmicks than real music. The Marketplace cries out for artists that aren’t succumb to following a formula of bubble gum lyrics accompanied by beats that all sound the same.

A soldier by the name of “Kamui (pronounced Cam We)” here’s there cry and sets out on a mission to create a team of warriors to change the state of hip-hop forever.

Years in the making the new team has stepped on the scene prepared to battle, and that teams name is ChoZen. But be aware do not underestimate ChoZen; they are armed and lyrically dangerous. All those who step to them just know that they will captivate your women, mesmerize your fan base, and take your money without a second thought. Not interested in following trends this team was created to become a hip-hop legend. Already doing the legwork this team is shutting it down at music conferences, clubs, shows, and slowly but surely invading the radio airways. Standing tall these three warriors will not stop until they have earned what is rightfully there’s a prominent place in music history.

Simply stated it takes three components to truly be ChoZen- Skills, Force, and a Warrior spirit. With that said welcome to the forefront of a New Dynasty “ChoZen”.

KAMUI “The Soldier”
The leader of the team Kamui embodies the true meaning of a soldier. He has a love for his craft and it is heard every time he picks up a mic. Unlike other MC’s that are overcrowding the market, Kamui was born with a natural knack to mesmerize an audience with his presence and gifted lyrical abilities. Suited up and ready for battle this artist presents to the industry music that knows no limit. His rebellious nature is also shown through his music, but he also shows us his comical side as well. Sad to say a lot of times this artist is underestimated because of his rugged good looks, but when tested this soldier has never lost a battle. This emcee is not just about spitting lyrics he is also co-producer of the infamous “5-19 Production”, a songwriter, and can kill it on a dance floor. This New Jersey Native know by friends and family as Teddy was given the name Kamui in his adolescent years, Kamui is not just a nickname, but it is a name with purpose that defined who this artist is. This name is of Japanese origin and when translated it means Chosen One/God’s Soldier.

Opening up for such acts as Lisa Lisa, 50 cent, Nappy Roots just to name a few. This is one emcee that never disappoints and always satisfies. When asked what does it take to make it in the rap game, he dawns a handsome grin, and states “it is simple really NO GUTS, NO GLORY.”

Kamui is bringing certain coolness to the game that cannot be imitated, and through intricate lyrics paired with explosive tracks this MC shows that there is power in words. Every song tells a story, and with each song you can hear for yourself that this is one driven artist that refuses to allow anyone or anything interfere with his dream of making it. In conclusion his versatile style guarantees him a prominent place in the rap game. After years in the making he has arrived and he is exploding on the scene as an emcee that is not to be played with!!

Da GeneRal “The Enforcer”
Never one to break a sweat Da GeneRal on the outside he is always clean cut and fresh to death but inside there is a force that you don’t want to unleash. Not one to follow he takes charge and gets the job done. Through his music this artist shares his life struggles and frustrations with everything from the state of hip-hop to what’s going on where he comes from. A young dude with an old school mentality Da GeneRal spit lyrics that are street oriented, and tells a story. The goal of Da GeneRal is achieve greatness. Early on this Jersey City native was influence by RunDMC, Slick Rick, Big Daddy Kane, Scarface, and Jay Z to name a couple. When asked what do you want to bring to hip hop, he simply states “I want to give the world a fresh set of eyes to see things threw.”

When he formed alliances with cousin/rapper Kamui, Da GeneRal started seeing the power of music in a different light. He learned that there was strength in words, and a power that is unexplainable. He also discover that it wasn’t just music to him it was his life; it was a force that kept him going day to day. Music was funnel to escape that 9 to 5 grind most of us are confined too. A humble type of guy he has much respect for serious emcee’s that stay on there grind a create music to be shared with the masses. When asked what does he think of the state of music today? “Its not a easy game to get into when you have a lot of BS and haters that are in charge”. Not scared to speak his mind he earns the utmost respect. No need for gimmic