Christopher Bell

Christopher Bell

 Jamestown, New York, USA

Cellist and multi-instrumentalist Christopher Bell is known for blending worlds, classical and contemporary, eastern and western. Funky beats, gentle fugues, even Carnatic ragas all wrapped up in this one man band. For fans of Paul Simon and Andrew Bird.


Christopher Bell is not your average cellist. Using various pedals he layers and distorts his electric cello creating quirky, catchy indie pop music. Christopher is known both for his use of technology – which he uses to sample his cello live – and for his unique methods of touring – via canoe, bike and on foot. 

Starting music at age 10, Christopher obtained a degree in audio engineering, spending his early 20's recording bands with a mix of homebuilt and modified equipment. He eventually combined the cello and his recording expertise developing his signature style of layered live music.

Christopher's DIY unique approach has earned him much public attention and press. He has taught seminars on songwriting, and music business. Earned national attention from NPR, the NY Times and CBS Evening News with Katie Couric. He is the co-owner of Indie Booker, a business helping independent artists book their own tours. 

As a cellist Bell has shared the stage with members of the 10,000 Maniacs, and has lent his music to TV pilots, web series and independent films.


Radio Dial

Written By: Christopher Bell

In that arid constellation you tally up your copper dimes
that apathetic wristwatch never assumes the time
cracker box candy shop, windows choked in ancient displays
charting the tired sun winding down stagnant days

your voice, it ventures
through static colored
radio dials

that pocket calculator you've carried since you were five
long days on your back catching waterdrops underneath the pines
and all long, you were secretly calculating dreams
the ones and zero's carried carefully, packed into the seams.

your voice, it ventures
through static colored
radio dials

you conjure your story
in cascading glory
jagged disorderly lines
adventure seeking
time is leaking away

your voice it ventures
through static colored
radio dials


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