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"Sony records Chris Hicks review"

Sony Records Chris Hicks Review

The Marshall Tucker Band’s Chris Hicks has his roots in the Deep South. Hicks has become a masterful musician influenced by the cornucopia of music he grew up listening to in his hometown of Macon, Georgia. Chris honed his skills with such classic heavy-touring bands as The Outlaws for nine years and as a current member of The Marshall Tucker Band for eleven years. On the road for nearly 150 shows a year, Hicks handles lead guitar and is a featured vocalist performing his own recordings, including the inspirational “Georgia Moon” and blues-laden title track, as well as MTB standards.

With boogie guitar and gut-wrenching soulful vocals, Hicks grooves seamlessly from endearing soulful ballads to whiskey-drenched rockers. His songs climax with full-on horns as well as Hammond organ melodies, fueling dynamic bluesy jams that warm the soul
- Sony Records

"Dog Eat Dog CD review"

Dog Eat Dog CD Review
by: Michael Buffalo Smith

Chris Hicks has paid his dues and more. First, as lead guitarist and vocalist for Loose Change, a band that caught the ear of music mogul Alan Walden, who maintains even today that Hicks is the “best undiscovered artist of our time.” Then Hicks was hired to play alongside the one and only Hughie Thomasson in The Outlaws. Now, for the past ten years or so, he has served The Marshall Tucker Band as lead guitarist and vocalist. And we haven’t even mentioned the fact that Hicks is a world class songwriter. Many of his songs have appeared on the past three MTB records. Now he is back with his very own solo album, and fellow babies, it rocks.

Anyone who knows me knows I am a huge fan of Chris Hicks. Like Warren Haynes with The Allman Brothers, he grew up to perform in bands with his heroes. Hicks is a man who grew up loving Toy Caldwell, and as if by fate, ended up in the lead guitar position in Toy’s old band. Sheer magic. Chris wails on the guitar in a style that evokes unobstructed visions of Toy Caldwell one minute and Duane Allman the next. His whiskey drenched vocals can sing a tender love ballad or a balls to the wall rocker with equal passion and fervor. On his new album, Hicks delivers a one two knockout punch that will make a believer out of even the listener who may have never heard his music before.

The album kicks off with “It All Comes Back Around,” one of many of the tunes here that Hicks has been playing out live for quite some time. His fans have heard many of these songs before, and we are all happy as a pig in slop to have them on CD, to be played over and over again.

Truth be told, there’s not a single weak link here. Every song is good, from “Chokin’ Kind” (a kiss off to one of “those” kind of women-the kind that just rip out the heart of a man) to the funky white boy title track, one of several from the album that have been showcased during MTB concerts over the past year.

“The Tie That Binds” is a beautiful melody, as is “Share Your Love with Me.” The boy can spin a love song like nobody’s business.

“You Can’t Hide” is another funky blues rocker, leading into even more good stuff. Songs like “Can the World Still Turn Tomorrow?”, “Too Cool for School” and “In Time.” All good.

“Georgia Moon” closes out the album, and I must say, it is one of my favorite songs by anyone, anywhere, anytime. The tune was written by legendary Capricorn Records producer Paul Hornsby, who produced this album as well. It’s an amazing song, taylor made for Chris Hicks. A beautiful acoustic ballad. A gem.

Dog Eat Dog is one of the finest Southern Rock albums to land in my office in quite some time. Chris Hicks is a young man with an old soul. He is a perfect torch bearer for the legends, from Toy and Tommy Caldwell to Duane Allman to Hughie Thomasson. Do yourself a solid. Buy this album.

-Michael Buffalo Smith - Michael Buffalo Smith

"Chris Hicks Rocks"

Chris Hicks Rocks
Posted: Mar 04, 2008

I spoke to Doug Gray this afternoon. He was in the airport in Cinncinatti, flying back to Carolina from last night’s show in San Diego, California. We were talking about Chris Hicks, and his new solo album. Doug said it was doing real well, and they had received word that “The Chokin’ Kind” was being played on several classic rock radio stations.

Doug also told me that the beautiful George McCorkle penned track “I Love You That Way” from Tucker’s most recent album The Next Adventure is being repackaged as a single by Chris Hicks and Gabrielle Gray. The song is being sent out to country radio, and I must say, it has all the earmarks of a hit.

In my opinion, Chris Hicks is one of the single most talented cats playing today. The Macon, Georgia native grew up in the shadows of giants, from The Allman Brothers Band to The Marshall Tucker Band, Cowboy and Wet Willie, so he gets his influence honestly. Add to that an array of other musical influences, combined with his own unique stylings, and you have yourself a superstar waiting to happen.

Music mogul Alan Walden, brother of the late Phil Walden of Capricorn Records fame, had this to say about Hicks during my interview with him a few years back. “...I still believe in a guy named Chris Hicks! His day is still yet to come but believe me it's coming!”

With an amazing new solo album (see review) and career, combined with his continuing bombast as a member of Marshall Tucker, Chris Hicks is a man to keep an eye on. We will certainly be watching. Stay tuned for our all new Hicks interview, coming in the next few days.

Keep it Real. Keep it Southern.

Michael "Buffalo" Smith
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Loose Change

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Dog Eat Dog World (MP3 songs available)



Chris Hicks has been brandishing his style of rock and roll since his teens. Whether it was in his early groups - Legacy, the Fresh Figs and Loose Change - or with southern rock legends the Outlaws and the Marshall Tucker Band... or as a solo artist, The Hitman has captivated audiences with his netherworld vocals, arena echoing axmanship and his freight train harmonica playing. He's a compelling songwriter of the first order. He's Toy Caldwell and Ronnie Van Zant rolled into one. He is southern rock royalty in the making - and if anyone doubts that, I challenge you to catch his act... for it is the stuff legends are made of