The Christine DeMeo Band

The Christine DeMeo Band


Christine's passion for today's youth is in her music. The Christine DeMeo Band brings more than just a song to the stage; it's a connecting message of hope in a driving, but melodic, presentation. Both the young and the young at heart are drawn to her music and ministry.


There have been many styles to Christine DeMeo's music, but her love to bring more than just a song to the stage has remained solid. Hearing The Christine DeMeo band means you're listening to a journey that started from small beginnings, to something larger than she had ever dreamed: a life-changing ministry.

Christine says she "really didn't understand the measure to which he had called me or the extent of the sacrifice it would take, but one thing is for sure: following this call of God on my life has been the most passionate and fulfilling pursuit I have ever experienced in my life."

At age 15, Christine became involved in a church youth group in Hot Springs, Arkansas, and accepted Christ as her personal Lord and Savior. She poured herself into her local church and began developing her relationship with God. As soon as she could play three chords on the guitar and find harmony parts, a youth band was born. Her first band evolved from these humble beginnings.

Christine found that songwriting came naturally to her, and she began searching for a new sound for her music. Her new band, "Laity", gave her the chance to sharpen her songwriting skills and to expand her musical horizons. Bringing more of a hardcore sound to the stage, Christine says Laity "was an amazing growing process."

She began to see how God was using her music, and how young people were instantly connecting with her music. After concerts, Christine could be found encouraging a young person. Seeing the need to have a more personal impact on youth in a more meaningful way, she accepted the call to take the position as youth pastor of a church. Her charisma and fresh approach to youth ministry helped grow a small group of 3 into 30 in a matter of weeks. Groups of 75 weren't uncommon by the end of a few months. God would begin to show Christine the real meaning of leadership and personal ministry. "It was then that I realized that I have such a heart for people, especially youth. I learned so many things from those kids, and I would never trade that experience for anything. It grew me in so many ways in my walk with God and provided some major skills that I would need - and have used - with other teens that I have encountered on the road."

Watching these young people refueled Christine's enthusiasm for songwriting. Some of the great songs on the "Half of What I Am" project came from her rich experiences as a youth pastor. As this season of her leadership role came to an end, she felt it was time to assume a "backstage" role. Christine began playing lead guitar for her long-time friend Maria Long. During that year, God really showed Christine, through Maria's ministry, things that helped Christine grow and expand musically and spiritually.

God was dealing with Christine to start playing her own music again. She was very reluctant; she felt unworthy and afraid to go out on her own again, but God reassured her that it was time. With Maria's blessing, Christine pursued the inevitable call God had for her.

In a short time, Christine's ministry has come full circle. Looking back, she sees how all the pieces of her journey, seemingly segmented, fit together for a reason. Her love for sharing her original music has once again found its way to the forefront. Christine has put together a band of her namesake with wonderful, spirit-filled members who love God and are more than a blessing and encouragement to Christine.

The Christine DeMeo Band is at home at almost any kind of venue, whether a worship service, outdoor retreat or camp, or an original show. Their passion for people is evident, whether on- or off-stage. The Christine DeMeo Band's sound attracts both young and not-so-young, giving Christine's music the opportunity to reach more people now than ever.


Half Of What I Am

Written By: Christine DeMeo

Why, oh why, did you choose me?
I'm just another face in the crowd, in the crowd.
Is it the way I lift my hands?
Is it the way I understand?
Is it the way, is it the way?

I could never be half of what I am
if it wasn't for your love.
I could never be all these things I'm dreaming of.
I could never be half of what I am
if it wasn't for your love.
I could never be all these things I'm
dreaming of, dreaming of.

Please draw near to me, please draw near to me.
I need to feel your touch. That's all I ever wanted.
Is it the way I lift my hands?
Is it the way I understand?
Is it the way? Is it the way?

You saw my heart and broke through all the chains.
You came into my life and I could never be the same.
You saw my life and all that I could do and I give it all to you.


2005 - Laity - "Surrender" (EP)

2006 - Christine DeMeo - "Seasons Of Change", featuring "Half Of What I Am"

2008-Christine DeMeo-"Manifest"
Featuring "Waiting"

Set List

The Christine DeMeo Band set includes the following original songs by Christine DeMeo:

"Your Name"
"Half Of What I Am"

For worship venues, The Christine DeMeo Band will include cover tunes, such as:

"Everlasting God", "Beautiful One", "Jesus, I Surrender", "Pour My Love"