The Christophers

The Christophers


British music needs bands like The Christopher's who are not afraid to strike their own path & stick to their own sound, irrespective of current fads.
The Christophers do not disappoint for this is a band which have crafted many songs all capable of hitting the airwaves & the world of film. Check them out in (I DO) starring (David W Ross, Jamie Lynn Seigler).


Since late 2007 The Christophers have been creating electronic crossover music, combining the love of beats, vintage synths and machines with layered guitars, cutting bass and monotone vocals which hark to David Byrne, Lou Reed and James Murphy.
The U.K based band have had a succession of single releases which have received international airplay and more recently, the single 'Plans' has been featured on a new U.S film 'I DO'.
They also had their video for their single '7/11' featured on the Manchester music and culture documentary 'Manchester:Beyond Oasis'.
The bands influences stem from not only the music from the likes of Talking heads, XTC, Velvet Underground to Beck but from the very atmosphere these bands create...... the first time you went to CBGB's, the first time you saw Kraftwerk in a tiny Liverpool club, the first time you heard of stiff records..........that air of new, fresh and even familiar sounds.
The shifting sands of the music industry over the last decade has meant that digital empowerment & the democratization of music distribution is creating an internet full of white noise.

But those who care to seek out the Christophers will discover a veritable treasure trove of beats & loops & melody.

These musical components have been knitted together to create a cacophony of sound that instantly hits the aural sweet spot of the listener.


Plans E.P - 2008
Vertigo - 2009
7/11 - 2010
Whatitism - 2011
GetAway - 2011
Wisdom - 2012
Touch - 2012