The Chronicles

The Chronicles

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BOOM, It's The Chronicles, ZOOM, Straight into your Opticals...a live hip hop band that blends the varied influences of 6 musicians into an original sonic blend...drums, bass, keys and guitar create the atmosphere over which 2 MCs lay down their lyrics...images of what they know, images of life...


The Chronicles You could say hip-hop band, but throw out the preconception. No Pretense No Bull This collective of individuals collaborate to make songs based on what they know. their lives Good/Bad/Happy/Sad. The Bass, Drums, Keys, Guitars, Raps, and Melodies paint pictures of diversity with each member coming from different spaces (geographically and mentally). Check out for past and current events and achievements including: 2 ECMA nominations, East Coast Universities battle of the bands winners, winner of a free COCA showcase spot in Edmonton, Alberta 2006, and a MIANS award nomination. Currently touring across Canada (from Halifax to Vancouver).


The Chronicles - self titled EP (2003) *sold out*

!!!New Album Soon!!!

Set List

(Mainly Originals except where noted)
Liquid Bass Nectar
Aye Nah
Hollow Winds
The Vibe
Rude Boy Town
The Present and The Gift
Bundle Up
Doin' Time - Sublime