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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Chronic feet movement"

Chronic Feet Movement
The Chronics story By John Knowles
Sydney’s Northern Beaches have long been known as fertile ground for growing live rock bands with attitude. Back when a fibro house overlooking Collaroy Beach cost $150,000 including the Ute, bands like INXS, Midnight oil and a host of others surf-psychedelic-punk bands were filling pubs with their fanatic followers. It seems like the Manly to Palm Beach stretch is still one of the few places where a hot new band can find local gigs and build up a hard-core fan base. The Chronics have done just that inspiring crowd to such an extent that will even venture across the Harbour Bridge to support their champions and bop till they drop.
I can remember the first time I heard The Chronics now signature tune 1-2-3-4, a tune that defies you not to shout along to the chorus. It was at an unplugged gig and Greg played it solo on an acoustic guitar. If you’ve watched how this sexy tune’s driving riff and vocal hook can stir a live dance crowd to a frenzy, you shouldn’t wonder that Greg had the room fully buzzing playing it on just a six string. That’s a good song.
It’s tricky to define The Chronics sound because the grooves shift from song to song. Greg Townley’s adventurous melody lines and staccato guitar riffs are often syncopated with a ska-like beat behind them. The combination gives the band a quirky fresh sound and shows off his vocal range. Blended with a smattering of friendly sounding ‘ba-ba-bup-ba’ or “oooh-ooh-ooh’ type pop harmonies sung to great effect by brother Julian and you’ve got an unstoppable night of fun. Julian was the lead singer of popular Vancouver rock band ‘Bloomsday’ a few years back. The new EP is called ‘Keys To Your Mojo’ and contains some charmingly simple rockers like ‘Breaking Me Slowly’, a sparse power chords number reminiscent of ‘Stepping Stone’ by the Monkees. The following track ‘Some of My Love’ seems to tip its hat to bands like the Sugarhill Gang and songs like Blondie’s ‘Rapture’ while retaining a funky freshness. Lee North’s thumpy bass lines dart and weave while still anchoring down songs that could easily slide away from a lesser player. Newest member, Grant Colquhoun on drums has settled in nicely and mixes his beats up enough to keep the set interesting. Accessible cheeky lyrics including choruses like ‘She Likes My Bum’, an infectious little rocker, make them seem a happy band brimming with mischief. At a recent Hopetoun gig, I actually thought they were singing the words, ‘She Likes My MUM’, a reference to the older woman dancing shamelessly near the back all night. Apparently Mrs. Townley rarely misses one of their shows. ‘Keys To Your Mojo’ shares musical stylings with recent tunes like ‘Take Me Out’ by Franz Ferdinand and the deceptively simple hooks of the Hoodoo Gurus. If The Chronics can continue to write songs that sit comfortably amongst this sort of company they are laughing.
They do have one slightly Spinal Tap-esque problem though. A quick Google search found no less than five other bands called ‘The Chronics.’ You can take your pick from “The Finest Rock n Roll from Italy” recorded by Rip Off Records, “the definitive garage rock band from Sweden” on the Bad Afro Records label, “The best band that's still in Fort Wayne Indiana”, “a True Rockin Blues outfit” from North Bay, Canada and finally, the Cleveland punk band famous for their single ‘Test Tube Baby’.
- Drum Media


Switch Me On - Mini-album (8 tracks) released in 2007 first single on rotation on FBI.
Keys To Your Mojo - EP (released August 2005 1 track on rotation on FBI)
Feel This Way - EP ( released Febraury 2004 1 track placed on rotation on FBI)


Feeling a bit camera shy


In 2003 two singing/guitar playing brothers from Sydney, Jules and Greg Townley, left separate bands to join musical forces and embark on a magical journey of rock. Along the way they adopted two other brothers from different mothers, UK bassist Lee North and drummer Grant Colquhouon, and ended up as THE CHRONICS.

Since then The Chronics have ripped the floorboards of Sydney’s finest venues with their infectious pop/rock tunes, steadily increasing their faithful followers, regularly gathering for a Chronic cleansing. The Chronics understand that people need a place to hook up, lube the liver, work on personal dance moves that frighten small children and generally unleash the beast within. Almost more of a community service really, a roving center for self improvement!

After three and half years of uniting in song and brotherhood, touching the masses, releasing two EPs (Feel This Way followed by Keys to your Mojo), and generally getting to know it! The Chronics feel it’s time to cough up a mini album.

Their debut album, Switch Me On, is a tasty mixed bag carefully formulated to sooth all the senses. From cranking rock tunes that part your hair like “On Account Of My Lover” and libido launching dancehall numbers “Gun” and “Kill You On The Dancefloor,” to the personal, lyrical introspective by Greg on “I Need Your Love”…possibly better kept to himself but he just couldn’t help it!!.. the common thread through this album, as with past releases, is The Chronics’ signature fat driving bass n’ drums, lyrical adventures and contagious vocal and guitar melodies.

The Chronics’ debut album Switch Me On is slated for release June 29th, with digital distribution through Orchard, available on iTunes, Bigpond Music and other fine on-line retailers world wide. The first single from the album “On Account Of My Lover” has already been christened by Sydney’s Fbi Radio 94.5, recently being added to high rotation.

So smash the piggy bank and get ready to get your freak on with The Chronics in the car, at home, work, your local place of worship, or best place of all…at one of their many upcoming gigs.