The Chucky Danger Band

The Chucky Danger Band


The Chucky Danger Band has recently exploded onto the East Coast Music Scene with their dynamic, energetic stage show and a studio sound that is refreshing. Exhibiting a musical maturity that defies their young age, the music industry is sitting up and taking notice as fans are rapidly accumulating.


In the spring 2004, John MacPhee returned from Cambodia to his home on Prince Edward Island. His time spent in the Third World country had been physically, mentally and emotionally taxing, and he dealt with this the only way he knew how. He wrote music. After his return to Canada, it wasn’t long before John presented his new material to his brother Rob and neighbour Colin Buchanan. Both Rob and Colin were highly impressed by the music and the three immediately began turning the acoustic guitar pieces into layered melodies ready for a full band to play. A short time later, after being approached by a family friend offering a free concert venue for the summer months, the trio enlisted a fourth member. The Chucky Danger Band was formed with John playing acoustic guitar and singing lead, Rob playing bass, Colin playing lead guitar, and David MacDonald playing drums. It wasn’t long before this “very impressive band” (Daniel Robichaud, Sony Music Canada) began wowing audiences and critics around the Maritimes.
Although together for only several months, “this young, energetic band... has made the radio industry sit up and take notice…will become a driving force in the music industry across Canada” (Paul Alan, Program/Music Director, Magic 93.1FM) Their “high energy and uplifting” (The Guardian) live CD, Two Brothers, Two Majors and a Minor, has been warmly received and was recently listed in PEI’s major newspaper, The Guardian, as one of the top five Island albums of 2004. The CD was recorded at the Arts Guild in Charlottetown, PEI, on August 15th by David Rashed. “We really wanted to seize the energy and emotion that’s only found on stage. So we decided to record live.,” says front man, John MacPhee. This recording has set the stage for the production of their highly anticipated first studio album due out later in the year.
In fact a studio version of the bands’ first single, Living Forward, was recorded by Jon Matthews at The Blue Room in Charlottetown. Living Forward quickly became the most requested song on Magic 93.1 FM, leaping to the top of the nightly chart show, The Top 9 @ 9, in its’ first week. A second single, Sweet Symphony was released in early December. The song was immediately picked up by Magic 93.1 FM, and like its predecessor, made it onto The Top 9 @ 9 in its' first week of play. Sweet Symphony has also been added into rotation on K94 in Sydney, Cape Breton.
Just recently the band travelled to Sydney, Cape Breton for the East Coast Music Awards. Dressed in trademark tailored black suits and ties they set in motion a major buzz with their high-energy delivery and distinctive music. At the prestigious Sennheiser Lounge showcase they so impressed their hosts that they took the unusual step of inviting the band back for a second showcase the following night. As well the Sennheiser group has offered to sponsor The Chucky Danger Band in their future activities, a solid vote of confidence in this young band’s abilities.


Living Forward

Written By: John MacPhee

Taste of candy on your fingers, you lick them off washing them clean
Traces still found, your 60 years old in dire need of eyes to see

Don’t you know what you are living for?
Will you let go and come off the floor?

Come fly with me away
Find the way to walk with me

Entertaining sad addictions, you keep them warm company
Listen up boy to what I’m saying, your life and death now ride on me

Where will you be, where are you now, it’s time to pack your bags and say good bye
Listen up boy see where I’m going, departure time has already arrived

© 2004 John MacPhee

Sweet Symphony

Written By: John MacPhee

Lost her once again, seems I’ve never found
Words piercing me like daggers, hearing that sweet sound
Bitter falling tears scream betrayal, oh her eyes
It’s the same old story, you apologise

The more that I love, more I bleed
I’ve held for too long a memory
To hear of your song, a sweet symphony

Tired and I’m torn between love and losing her
Measure who you are and measure what your worth
You push me to the edge, do you realize?
I’m sick of the same story, you apologise

If I could turn back time, put the past and all behind
Cannot say that I would
Want you to know that through it all, what you did to make me fall
Still I’ll love you, I love you
© 2004 John MacPhee

Find Me

Written By: John MacPhee

Tired, I’m weary
Weakened, I’m fainting
I dream of you now, I’ll reach you somehow
Hurting, I’m in pain
Broken, I’m shattered
I long for you now, I’ll reach you somehow

When I don’t know where to go, when I don’t know where to turn,
I hope you’ll find me, your road will find me.
When I’ve lost the will to go, when I’ve gone past no return
I pray you’ll find me, your road will find me.

Lonely, I’m weeping
Confused, I’ve gone insane
I want you here now, I’ll reach you somehow
Blinded, I can’t see
Reason, disappeared
I pray for you now, I’ll reach you somehow

© 2004 John MacPhee


LP Demo - "Two Brothers, Two Majors and A Minor"
Single - "Living Forward" (studio version for radio)
Single - "Sweet Symphony" (studio version for radio)

Set List

Songs from the LP Demo - Two Brothers, Two Majors and a Minor

Living Forward
Standing Ovation
Cry an End
J'aime tes Yeux
Find Me
Hear and Now
Freeways or Flight
We'll Meet Again
Sweet Symphony