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The Cigarette Bums

Los Angeles, CA | Established. Jan 01, 2011 | INDIE

Los Angeles, CA | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2011
Band Rock Garage Rock


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Bullies or Buddies: Los Angeles Music Blogs and the Scenes They Cover"

Cigarette Bums are- spastic punk riff frenzies and drum beats to keep you bobbing your head and talking about sleazy hangouts when you’re feeling like soaking in your grime from the night before. Steven Carrera, lead singer, has a cheeky sense of humor that shines through in his song writing and no doubt is a result from working at Amoeba. Carrera is a rich resource for all things local music, going to shows and supporting the community.

Pinky Pinky

Pinky Pinky are a nouveau debut three piece that prove they are music nerds that seemingly set out to squeeze the most out of their instruments. Their live set has touches of Le Butcherettes attitude and Cream appeal. Emitting saturated guitar tones with bass thumps that attach to the downbeat of the drums and pull you into their world of teenage dread. Bratty vocals from Anastasia Sanchez bring fresh energy to that heat seeking warmth of youth culture, out for push/pull honey trouble on a summer day on Sunset Blvd.

Prettiest Eyes

Prettiest Eyes are gaining momentum and recognition while their music is becoming a trademark staple in the Los Angeles music community. They seem to be drawing in bigger crowds that want to lose their minds to their sound- like they did the last time they were in the house in a chance encounter when Prettiest Eyes played a gig. “Psychedelic punch” as described by their website, their music gives you a taste of that “whack over the head” when Pachy starts up on that post punk drum beat. Marco keeps the “no fucks given” energy going, swinging his bass and specifically not giving a fuck if it hits you in the face while exuding an alpha-like stage presence. Paco’s keyboard work is just as wild as he hammers down on the keys with an untamed and frenetic energy.

On one hand, there was nothing unique or “special” about this show. But that’s only because having an exceptional lineup of wonderfully fun and competent bands is a nightly occurrence in Los Angeles. Any night of the week you can find small shows, big shows, tour stops, record release parties, residencies, rock and roll riots and weekly club nights with both high profile and unknown bands and DJ’s playing any kind of music you’d want to hear, dance or drink to at any time- all the time. What time to be alive. -

"Cool-Tite Anniversary Party III with Prettiest Eyes, Pinky Pinky & The Cigarette Bums : 04.22.2017"

We did it!!! Three years of Cool-Tite and a night to celebrate with all the homies. Shout out to The Hi Hat and Britt Witt for being so chill and letting us party, to Prettiest Eyes, Pinky Pinky, and The Cigarette Bums for killing it and bringing the jams and good times, and to all the homies that came from near and far to support us! We love you all and are so thankful to be part of a supportive community of musicians, photographers, and fans. Excited for the future of Cool-Tite and all that we’ve accomplished thus far.
The party went down on a Saturday at the Hi Hat in Highland Park. Formerly a pool hall, the venue has a pool table, large bar, a burger joint, a stage and plenty of space to boogie down. While Mat and I were spinning the vinyl, Sergio was out on the floor taking photos and the beautiful Mrs. Kimberly Tran-Jackson (Mat’s wifey) was slingin’ merch. If you didn’t get a chance to snag a crop top or beer koozie, don’t sweat it, the Cool-Tite shop is coming soon!

The Cigarette Bums
First band up was The Cigarette Bums. Despite a broken guitar string in the middle of their set, these guys came back strong and got the place movin’ as people filled in. Singer, Steven Carrera’s gold short shorts matched the Cool-Tite balloons against the wall perfectly.

Pinky Pinky
These teenage queens are mega talented and were definitely a crowd favorite. Don’t let their youth fool you, the trio is pro and brought garage-pop tunes and heavy jammage to the party. Anastasia is the lead singer and drummer and her voice is killer. They recently dropped their first EP on Innovative Leisure. Excited to see Pinky Pinky go far!

The headliner of the night was another three-piece and they brought the psych and noise! Lead singer and drummer, Pachy, es un animal! The LA band, originally from Puerto Rico, is energetic and wild yet completely focused, and absolutely a blast to rock out to! -

"Prettiest Eyes, Pinky Pinky, Cigarette Bums"

Despite their name, Prettiest Eyes manufacture an intense sound that’s anything but pretty...They’re well-matched with Cigarette Bums, another local outfit who add fresh layers of noise and insolence to their own garage-rock reinventions. - LA Weekly


Heavily psychedelicized smoke-and-fog song from Silverlake’s Cigarette Bums, who are messing with some potent Syd Barrett/Steve Took U.K. free-festival freak-out vibes here. (Plus they got some Stones-style hooting-and-hollering right before the song catches fire at the end.) This is from their new 7″, releasing tomorrow at the Hi Hat in Highland Park with support from Grinning Ghosts, Melt, and our recent poster boy Wyatt Blair, and it’s got a whole different sound on the b-side waiting to surprise you, too. Get a copy here and get the show info here! - LA Record

"The Cigarette Bums Are Anything But A Drag At The Hi-Hat"

The Cigarette Bums Are Anything But A Drag At The Hi-Hat
REVIEW+PHOTOS: Cigarette Bums @ The Hi Hat 9/14/16

by Constantin Preda on October 3, 2016 in Music

Cigarette Bums 9/14/16 @ The Hit-Hat | Photo by Constantin Preda (@ctpredaportraits) for

I think I’m in Silverlake or Highland Park or some part of Los Angeles where the two places meet, overlap, maybe Highland Park is in Silverlake, whatever, I don’t care. I just feel off. I had gone home around noon earlier today; left my job; emailed my boss that I wasn’t feeling well and was taking the rest of the day off. The fact was, and still is, I’m not feeling well. Maybe depressed, nutrient deficient, stomach’s all twisted, something with my triglyceride level being too high, or my serotonin level being too low … or maybe my paycheck being too low — most likely a combination of all of the above. Being in a bar isn’t helping, but it’s not the bar’s fault.

I’m at The Hi Hat and the band I’m supposed to cover, Cigarette Bums, goes on at 10:25pm according to a graphic on their Facebook page. I’m about an hour early and there’s another band already on the respectfully built stage. It looks legit. There’s barely anyone here and the lanky and tall lead singer has long blond hair under a baseball cap not for a baseball team and he sounds like 90s alt rock has been a musical influence on his vocals. They finish their set and I’m left with that weird solemness I’ve had since crashing on the sofa about 8 hours ago.

Barely any crowd, motel style carpeting, and a neon Misfits face glowing frosty blue on the brick wall – I’m reminded I’m 42, have a pot belly, and would rather be at home watching reruns of Rick and Marty. Anyway … sulking isn’t why I’m here and at least I’ve been asked to photograph a band and write about them. That is what really got me out of my apartment.

Eventually, after finishing my first beer, a short, young fellow in a black leather patrol cap that would make Fidel Castro envious, starts talking to me. He asks if I’m here to see the bands and I tell him I’m here to photograph The Cigarette Bums. He says he’s never heard of them. He asks my name and I tell him. He tells me his name is Ciggy Bop. Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding. I remember he’s the lead singer of Cigarette Bums and I immediately like him. (I just didn’t know what he looked like.) We shake hands, yuck it up for about 30 seconds, and when he walks away, I’m relieved that I first told him I like the band. Which is true – I really dug what I heard online. It could have been an awkward situation otherwise.

Anyway, the lighting in this place is a photographer’s nightmare. Just plain dark and I’ve learned a long time ago if I really want to annoy a band, use a flash. They love the distraction. So I push the ASA on my Nikon 7200 to the max and slow the shudder enough to get an image that’s not a blurry mess. I’m already thinking about how I’m going to be unhappy later when I edit the images in Lightroom. I need faster lenses.

Regardless of my mood and concerns with low lighting, I’m still objective enough to realize this venue, The Hi-Hat, is rad (Should 42 year olds use that word? Probably not). Two pool tables welcome denim-clad, Chuck Taylor wearing twenty-somethings when they walk in, there’s a decent sized long bar for patrons to drown a few sorrows in, and the audience area is large enough for a really decent sized audience — maybe 50 people; probably more.

So 10:25pm rolls around and it’s clear to me that Cigarette Bums has made a small name for itself in Los Angeles, because the crowd has thickened and the onlookers are clearly familiar with what’s about to happen. They’re excited. They want this experience and so do I.

The band members carry up a medium-size pool raft either bought at Wal-Mart or found at a garage sale (or somewhere between those shopping excursions) and in it is my sly friend from the bar, Ciggy Bop. It makes me smile.

They plop the raft on the stage and Ciggy clumsily, but charismatically, climbs out wielding his guitar, a Fender American Special Telecaster with what looks like duct tape on it (don’t quote me on that, because I really don’t know shit about instruments), and he takes the mic, introduces the band, and tears right into it.

The Cigarette Bums Facebook page lists “trash pop” as their genre, and it’s the perfect nomenclature to describe this band’s loose, grainy, and distorted sound that’s a landfill of punk, post punk, garage, surf-rock, and proto-punk. My kind of music, even at 42.

They perform for a solid hour, featuring two explosive female back up singers that moved like marionettes at warp speed. They embodied the style and energy of classic performers like Martha and the Vandellas, if the Vandellas had done a few bumps in the bathroom, followed by a six pack of Red Bull, and then got possessed by the ghosts of The Blues Brothers. (Yes, I know Dan Aykroyd is still alive and promoting vodka.) They were exciting as hell and entertaining to watch.

But it’s Ciggy’s allure that really gives the band its identity. His vocal inflections resurrect a sound that’s lost footing in pop music over the last few decades and I’m sure his vocal cords were somehow birthed after Johnny Rotten and Joey Ramone has sex. I could go into all the cliche adjectives to describe it, but I won’t because fuck cliches.

The band’s got something special about them — a vibe and feel that makes you happy, lifts you up, makes you forget about work and getting older, and it’s best if you simply Google “Cigarette Bums, Los Angeles Band” and check out their sound.

With the bands they admire ranging from Audacity to Adult Books, Cigarette Bums are clearly a staple in Los Angeles, many just probably don’t know it yet. So cruise on over to their Facebook page, like them, check out when their next gig is, grab a friend, and go. And if anyone approaches you and you don’t know who he is, but he asks you what you think of Cigarette Bums, just say you like them, because you will anyway by the time their set is over.

Follow the Cigarette Bums on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. -

"Santoros Record Release w/ Cutty Flam, Cigarette Bums & Solar Sons"

The Echo was decorated with pinatas and streamers with the words “El Perdedor” in metallic mylar balloon across the top of the stage for the release party for Santoros 3rd Album. Initially, the crowd was thin and only about a quarter of those in attendance by the end of the night were present for the opening sets.

That didn’t seem to dissuade.Cigarette Bums, who took the stage as the first set to play songs off their new record due next month on Lolipop Records.

The most outstanding quality of Cigarette Bums is how well-rehearsed their live sets are and the stoic, yet enthusiastic stage presence they exude. Musically, the band is driven by steady percussion with an upbeat tempo, giving the impression of the kind of band you wish would’ve played your high school prom, which seemed to be the theme for the night. There is a sense of urgency in the performance in a sense that they simply cannot wait to share their music with the audience. “We just love to play with our friends and we want to do that as much as possible”, says Steven Carrera, frontman of Cigarette Bums. Steven went on to tell me, after I remarked on the continuity of the set and inquired about how much rehearsal experience they had as a group that the the band had given an impromptu performance that night.

“I was really fortunate to meet Steve…” says Austin Ash, the band’s drummer who moved from Madison, Wisconsin to pursue music, “…out here everybody needs a drummer, apparently.” Still, incorporating the talent contributions of friends is important to Cigarette Bums, says Steven “The idea is that we are the Cigarette Bums and you can be too.” The group excitedly recounted how they had once recorded a song with 17 people on a single track. Cigarette Bums will be playing in the Bay Area in February before making their way down to SXSW in March. They are hoping to go on what will be their second cross-country tour within the upcoming year. Gradually, the venue began to fill up and the crowd mulled about for the duration of the next two sets.

Cutty Flam played an All-American rock set with a sound and look akin to Buddy Holly, with a dreamy quality that they call “Prom-Punk.” The namesake of the band, lead vocalist, Cutty, also the band’s drummer, gave a multi-dimensional aspect to the three-piece band’s old fashioned sound and block party vibe. Overall, a very suave performance from Cutty Flam, who seem to truly love the audience’s positive response.

The name of Santoros’ latest release, El Perdedor roughly translated from Spanish, means “The Loser.” After almost a decade of playing together as a band, they have been through all manner of trials and tribulations along the way to producing this third album.

“We used to be seven and now we are five,” Santoros vocalist Jossef Virgen reports, in reference to the loss of several band members over the last few years. I caught up with the group after the show in hopes that they would have some insight to provide for their fans.

Santoros are widely regarded by the local music scene as psych rock staples and have received all manner of well-deserved accolades. Characterized by echoing vocals and heavy instrumentals, Santoros create a haunting cemetery-rock vibe that comes across both live and in their recorded media. The performance of the evening brought the excitement level to a climax, with the band members presenting a personality in addition to a great sound.

“I’ll play an encore only if you buy me a fucking beer for my birthday” Jossef told the crowd.

They played two additional songs for their encore, including one from the new release called “Girl.” I met up with the band members in the greenroom following the performance. They were more than happy to sit down to discuss the band’s direction. Inspiration is everywhere for this group, but the focus of this project specifically was to bring the music back to its origins. Offhand, the group listed traditional Mexican music as a heavy influence on the creative process. Carlos Precichi, guitar and vocalist for the group, said the time he spent in Ensenada, Mexico every summer weighed heavy in his mind while working on El Perdedor.

“The music is reminiscent of a nostalgic culture, even one that I never had” says Carlos.

The writing process includes describing personal struggles; love, loss, grief, etc.This bittersweet nostalgia is a prominent theme in the lyricism of the new material, as well as the conscious acknowledgement of a degree of uncertainty for the future.

2016 has been widely regarded as a difficult year for a lot of people, the members of this band included in that. It is Santoros’ sincere hope to deliver a strong message of closure for 2016 and optimism for the upcoming year, hopefully bringing about more important musical contributions from the local music scene.

“The moon is always changing; one day you’re under and the next you’re on top.” say Jossef and Carlos, referring to what the name El Perdedor means to them personally, “You have to feel like the loser to ever feel like the winner.” -

"Cigarette Bums"

"The Bums’ music is rootsy-expressive, postpunk quirky and as solidly diverting as anything squalling in Silverlake at the present moment"-Ron Garmon, LA Record - L.A. Record

"***Editors Pick : The Cigarette Bums"

This raw, road-loving quintet could be categorized alongside garage-punk Burger Records bands like Pangea, Mean Jeans, and Seattle's own Night Beats, but the Cigarette Bums separate themselves with the folksy, rollicking quality of their songs. Their latest is a three-song release called Rough Cuts, available on their Bandcamp page for free download, featuring the frisky, fast-riffing, and entirely pleasurable standout track "Boots." And though the Cigarette Bums hail from Los Angeles, they've already cemented the Northwest's place in their history by releasing a record called Live in Tacoma: Nothing but the Hits, recorded at the New Frontier Lounge late last year. With Pony Time, Silicon Girls, So Pitted. Funhouse, 206 Fifth Ave. N., 374-8400. 9:30 p.m. $6. The Cigarette Bums also play the Comet Tavern on Sunday, July 1. - Seattle Weekly

"Garage Pop Rawk at KXSC Music Fest"

You can’t be more authentically lo-fi than The Cigarette Bums. The Silver Lake band proudly coats a ceaseless fuzz over their retro garage-pop as if stolen from a long-lost beach bash flick. Fronted by bassist Steven Carrera along with drummer Paul Carter (of Snow Wite) and guitarist Jaime Rosas (formerly of L.A. Witch), the trio is currently recording their next release, Son Of The Bums (Lolipop Records), with Wyatt Blair producing. It’s not due until this summer, but for now you can enjoy “Stoned To The Bone” off their last EP Holy Smokes: - Free Bike Valet

"Saturday Night: Clorox Girls, Midnite Snaxxx, Mermaid Bones, and Cigarette Bums Kick Off a Bender at the Hemlock Tavern"

Cigarette Bums
L.A.'s Cigarette Bums were just beginning to shoulder their way through the Silverlake horde when I decamped for the Bay last summer. This band's distinctive maximum R&B postpunk packs fans into the arty venues still dotting the increasingly blighted downtown end of Sunset Boulevard. They bounced the audience in this Tenderloin squeezebox around like so many Nerf balls. The whole room morphed into some 1966 segment of American Bandstand, as close to fifty whey faced Millennials began to bop without sense of care of cool. Gouts of PBR suds splattered the low ceiling and the Bums slipped and slid without missing a note.

- SF Weekly

"The Cigarette Bums - Stoned To The Bone"

The Cigarette Bums - Stoned To The Bone
Emerging from the small, sweaty bars around LA. The Cigarette Bums play lo-fi scuzzy blues reminiscent of bands such as The Strange Boys. As the singer wails with a smoke strained voice and distorted guitars collide in perfect shambolic harmony, those that are listening will want to pour themselves a stiff sour bourbon and dance a freaky step in the corner alongside all the other intoxicated garage beat locals. This track really is the perfect night cap. (Jack Bacon)


"Son Of The Bums EP Review"

The Cigarette Bums have a penchant for heavy 60s-style garage rock that pairs well with a wild night at a bar. This is evident at any live show that they play. The Bums have a new EP entitled Son Of The Bums that they recently laid down at the Lolipop Records studio. The album is a six-track super lo-fi gem filled with all the pops, hisses, and distant-sounding vocals that you’d get from an old record you found in a thrift store, but with an updated flair. The tunes on this release are a mix of catchy licks and aggressive power tracks that give a great sampling of what this group has to offer. One of the definite highlights of the album is the track “Steal It,” which starts out with a fast and gritty guitar track that carries the melody for Steven Carrera’s belts and screeches of the song’s lyrics. The song cuts with a razor’s edge. Another great track is the western-influenced ballad “Stella,” an ode to love and longing. The heavy guitar twangs and bells really set up the slightly melancholic mood of the track. The only caveat is that most people these days prefer a cleaner, more produced-sounding record; however, the vintage nature of the Bums’ sound suits the extremely lo-fi album that they have produced here. Overall, this album would make a great addition to almost any record collection.
—Zachary Jensen - LA Record

"Cigarette Bums “Holy Smokes!”"

Cigarette Bums are made in Los Angeles. With sunset blvd, dirty sidewalks, and the feeling of truly being alive, Cigarette Bums’ “Holy Smokes!” has the drenched vibe of southern California’s best written all over it. Cigarette Bums are quickly becoming one of my local favorites, if you’re in the area be sure to check them out on September 29th at Off the Tracks in El Sereno, September 30th at The Satellite in LA and October 6th at Eagle Rock Music Fest on the ship stage at 3:30!

Forever wild, simplicity. Charisma, driving around town with your favorite music blasting for all to hear. Absurdity, sincerity. Diminishing boundaries, afternoons. Growing up. Occupying the sense of recklessness, going out at night, and partying all day, Cigarette Bum’s “Holy Smokes!” is an anthem for the restless- the tunes we’re going to eventually find ourselves swaying along to, cigarette in one hand and our youthful spirit still alive in the other. Be sure to check it out on bandcamp and as always show some support on facebook if you dig!


- Sincerely, California Music Blog

"Cigarette Bums at SXSW"

Steven Carrera, singer of the Cigarette Bums, was even more frustrated by the lack of audience engagement, and less subtle about it—he ended the set by hitting himself in the head with the microphone over and over again, a needless act of self-sacrifice in my mind because he actually played pretty well, and a lot of us were paying attention.

Their solid, slightly roots/OMFUG rock performance was twice as commendable because these aren’t the real Cigarette Bums. At kind of the last minute, it seems, bandleader Steven Carrera adopted punkers Criminal Hygiene to back him up on his SXSW tour. And they seem to be relishing the opportunity: there were shit-eating grins on their faces throughout the Spider House performance, bloody microphones and all.
- LA Record


The Cigarette Bums will soon drop another EP, Son of the Bums (Lolipop Records), reliably recorded in a lo-fi affair via Wyatt Blair. The songs alternate between party punk, jangle pop, and desert folk but all share a spit of fuzzy furiosity. Here’s the rawking surf popper “The Creep”: -

"Cigarette Bums"

"Theirs is a Dylan-meets-Daniel-Johnston-meets-Replacements-meets-Beefheart smash up that's a real pleasure to watch. The Bums play repetitious, folksy stanzas with a snot-nosed, garage band delivery and they throw in an occasional, speedy jazz-intoned riff for flare"-Wendy Gilmartin, L.A. Weekly
- L.A. Weekly

"What’s Going On: 06/27 – 07/04"

1. Cigarette Bums, PinkSlime & Piss Test
Where: The Know
How Much: $5
When: Wednesday, June 27th – 8pm
Why: Last Wednesdays at The Know! Green Noise Records Night showcases the latest and greatest in punk and garage rock. This month Cigarette Bums (LA) will be playing lo-fi psych punk-pop tunes off their recent release, Holy Smokes!. Buzz builders PinkSlime recently added some sass and tightened up their act with Kaitie Hereford joining in on bass. Still wet behind the ears, PDX trio Piss Test kicks off the night. - Eleven PDX

"Ears Wide Open: The Cigarette Bums"

The Cigarette Bums describe themselves as “latchkey garage punks from all over California,” and it’s a good thing nobody’s keeping close track of them. Their rootsy squalor packs a lot of punch, and the quintet of Steven Carrera, Eamon McGinnis, Ryan Aguilar, Jaime Ramirez, and Tim Greenshields has a couple of 7-inches and three EPs to show for it. “The Odyssey” is kind of a three-genre trip with a saxophone in the backpack — a little shambolic and a lot of fun.


"Follow the Last Years into the New Year"

the thrashy, trashy Cigarette Bums from Silver Lake scorch Soda Bar with like-minded locals the Bloodflowers and the Shantyannes - San Diego Reader


On the heels of the band’s first record, the Cigarette Bums held the official party for self-released single Jailbird at Origami Vinyl. This three-piece from Silverlake has been slowly and quietly building steam playing on the east side, Hollywood, and Downtown. They have made good friends with bands like Cobalt Cranes, Bastidas, and Peg Leg Love, bringing an interesting flair to the garage revival. While this has helped them play some key shows, the band is definitely one of Silverlake’s unknown gems. Absent this time around was Tim Greenshields, who occasionally accompanies the Bums on tenor saxophone. And although they were playing to a modest size crowd, Eamon and Steven gave forth all their energy, displaying skills as musicians and showmen. Mixing elements of jazz, blues, and garage rock, the Cigarette Bums developed an interesting sound that got the crowd moving a bit, with applause an immediate reaction after every song. The Cigarette Bums’ set peaked during great songs like “Goin’ Nowhere,” or the slightly ominous ballad, “The Odyssey,” and closing with crowd favorite, “Electric.” Steven mentioned they plan on releasing another single in the near future, but it would be great to see something more along the lines of a full-length.—That way a person can take home more than just a taste of what this band has to offer.

—Zachary Jensen

"Bloodflowers and Cigarette Bums Bring Boogie Addiction to Soda Bar"

The mutual appreciation going down between the B'flowers and the L.A.-based Cigarette Bums is sweet. That the former could play multiple circles around the latter misses the point — the Bums are as passionate about pure, delicious mod/punk tones as the B'flowers are about well-oiled, steel-booted mayhem. Charismatic maestro/guitarist/wailer Steven Slaughter rocks a sailor shirt a la Jonathan Richman, and the band's set, which is in process (sax player can't make it and there's a new drummer and second guitarist, Ryan and Heimlich), is greeted with alacrity. Creative chutzpah compensates for any gaps in tightness or polish. Like when Ryan fools me with all his effects into thinking there's a Farfisa in the house and jumps offstage to shake it (the tambourine, his hips) like his own band's one-man booster club. Or like it's ’66 and we're in a scene that got cut from Blow Up, the one that would have been right after the Yardbirds - San Diego Reader

"The Cigarette Bums, Manhattan Murder Mystery, Robert james at L’Keg Gallery"

The Cigarette Bums are primarily guitar player/singer Steven “Slaughter” Carrera and bassman Eamon McGinniss, with other dudes occasionally coming in on drums, sax, keys and percussion. Theirs is a Dylan-meets-Daniel Johnston–meets-Replacements-meets-Beefheart smash-up that’s a real pleasure to watch. The Bums play repetitious, folksy stanzas with a snot-nosed, garage-band delivery, and they throw in an occasional, speedy jazz-intoned riff for flare. Since they rock the bohemian Echo Park vibe, it’s only right that their new 7-inch record, “Jailbird,” can be found exclusively at local Eastside music stores. (Wendy Gilmartin)

- LA Weekly


2011 Jailbird/Careless Love 7" 
2011 Silverlake Garage EP 7"
2011 Rough Cuts EP CD-R
2011: Live in Tacoma: Nothing But The Hits CD-R

2012 HOLY SMOKES! (released via Suplex Cassettes UK)

2013 SICK CITY 1: 7" EP split with Flytraps(ft. Laura of Death Valley Girls), Ugly Kids,                 Death Hymn #9

2014 SON OF THE BUMS EP (Lolipop Cassette) 

2015 Goofs on the Loose LP

2016 Strange b/w Sunrise over Garbage Field (Self-Released)

2017 Sidewalkin' LP (Cassette on Lolipop/LP+CD on Sick City Records)



Latchkey garage punks from all over gather for the monster they call The Cigarette Bums. With songs about sidewalks, gutters, late nights, dive bars delivered in fuzzy, surfy guitars; propulsive, pummeling drums; the band's brand of garage rock brings something unique to a well worn genre.

Started by guitarist/vocalist Steven Carrera in late 2011, the band began with various members that recorded two 7"s, a few EPs and one album entitled HOLY SMOKES. 2015 saw the band record their second LP and their first full United States tour both aptly titled Goofs On The Loose

The band currently features drummer Austin Ash, guitarist/background vocalist Massimo De Maria, bassist Bobby Colver, and is often guested by various musicians from the Los Angeles community. In the last year, this lineup has played shows with artists such as Feels, Wild Wing, Prettiest Eyes, Pinky Pinky, Nobunny, and The Frights to name a few as well as recorded their follow up full length entitled Sidewalkin' to be released this fall on LP.

Band Members