The Circle G'z

The Circle G'z

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Describing the Circle G'z is like describing the automobile in the 1700's or the internet to midievil messenger. Simply put, these quartet is ahead of their time and probably wont be truly appreciated until the rest of the south catches up.


The Circle G'z were founded by King Head and A-R Dubb in 1998 @ Worthing High School in Houston,TX along side several other nationally recognized recording artists such as Lil Flip, The Grit Boyz and many more....thriving on there individuality they later added Jamez Boogie and No Remorse which concluded the group and made it official, Houston was now Circle City. Peforming side by side with the late great K-Ruger, the legendary K-Rino, Juvenile and a slew of other artists only solidify the fact that there is a new movement in the south. Welcome to Circle City, We Can't Lose, The Fight's Fixed.


Smash the Gas f Short-D of Low Down Dirty Records
Up N Da Club b/w Texas Boyz
MBD Music Presents The Showcase
Welcome 2 Circle City
Circle City Mixtape Volume 1
Circle City Volume 1: Reloaded
Circle City Mixtape Volume 2
Welcome To The H!: We Got Next Mixtape

Set List

Usual set consists of a medley of 3 songs with a 30 second intro and 1 or 2 full songs to close the show