The Citizen

The Citizen


The Citizen are a band that strike the balance between artistic credibility and commercial potential. To experience the raw energy of The Citizen you must see this band live because that is where the band florish.


The Citizen, Corks hottest new band, is ready to set the music scene alight. This young and enthusiastic five piece have been honing their distinctive style of emotive lyrics and unique melodies over the last year. Their sound incorporates many different styles most notably folk, country, indie and rock.The Citizen is fast becoming recognized as one of Corks most promising bands, captivating audiences and attracting much attention within the music industry. The Citizen strikes a beautiful balance between artistic credibility and commercial potential. They were recently chosen to play at this years very prestigious National Student Music Awards in Cyprus Avenue, Cork. The band has performed at numerous venues throughout Cork and they have been recognized as a very cohesive and polished live act. The band have many different influences each contributing to the original sound that the band produce. What one could say sets The Citizen apart from other bands is there ability to draw the listener in and make that listener feel that the band are playing just for them and also the band apply a sense of flow to their set and really let the audience feel apart of that flow.


The band as of yet do not have singles released however the band are currently recording their debut EP called 'Paper Hearts' and have succeeded to gain airplay in America through my space and also the band have been played on the local radio stations in Cork.

Set List

A typical set would be : (All Original Material)
1. Hold Tight
2. Sky
3. Lead You Home
4. Calvary
5. Hope
6. I Never Did You Wrong
7. Turn My Eyes
8. Gotta Go
9. Teach You
10. Yester Lust
11. Adore
12. Use Your Fortune
13. Old House

This is a typical set and the band have more material so we can swap around for different gigs etc. The set would usually last 1 hour and 15 minutes depending on the time the band have on stage.