The Citizen

The Citizen


The Citizen are a Cork based band currently promoting their Paper Hearts E.P. With their pop melodies, rock edge and folk sensibilities, The Citizen have recently opened for The Frank and Walters, Royseven and for The Blizzards as part of the Murphys Live competition.


The Citizen are a Cork based band who are fast becoming as one of Cork’s most promising bands and have been attracting much attention within the music industry. 'The Citizen' strike a beautiful balance between artistic credibility and commercial potential. Having acquired a large and loyal following, ‘The Citizen’ have just released their much anticipated debut E.P. ‘Paper Hearts’ and will be promoting it at various venues around the country. Following the release of the ‘Paper Hearts’ E.P., the band were placed in the last twelve of Murphy’s Live 2007. The most outstanding musical feature of this group is the stark vocal interaction between lead singer and guitarist John O Connor and vocalist Lisa Walshe. This, paired with the musical talents of Killian Taylor on bass guitar and Greg Aherne on drums gives ‘The Citizen’ its unique sound. With their pop melodies, folk sensibility and rock edge ‘The Citizen’ have been captivating audiences and are recognised as a very cohesive act.


Paper Hearts EP - released 2006

Set List

1. Lead you home
2. Teach you
3. Yesterlust
4. Sky
5. Oh Darling
6. I never did you wrong
7. Calvary
8. Paper Hearts
9. Valerie
10. Row Row
11. Heart of Gold - Neil Young
12. Blinding me
13. Its not what you hear, its what you know
14. Gotta Go