the City Beautiful

the City Beautiful

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"The City Beautiful plays shoegazing dreamy pop music which takes you from where you are to where you've always wanted to be...."


Biography The City Beautiful (2006)

A landscape to get lost in, overflowing colours, a photo with a long release time. In the end, visual metaphors are best suited to describe The City Beautiful's music. The listener is confronted with a wall of sound built from pulsating rhythms, guitar fuzz, diffuse keyboards and lyric vocals. The band produce an alternative sound whilst on the other hand are always searching for the ultimate pop song.

Inspiration is taken from acts from the middle eighties and early nineties, such as Cocteau Twins and Slowdive. At the same time, the classical Broadway musical regularly surfaces as an influence in the band's compositions.

The City Beautiful voice alienation in metropoles. Loneliness, desire and anonymity amidst the repetitive daily movements. The lyrics form autobiographical miniatures about that one girl in some big skyscraper, reserved glances on the subway. The recurring theme is the fear of the social and physical reality. A reality that seems so natural to others.

In the spring of 2005 their song “If This Ain't Real” appeared on The Pet Series volume 5, the international indie-compilation by the Volkoren label, compiled by Minco Eggersman (at the close of every day). At that time the band had released two EPs. In early 2007 The City Beautiful will return to the studio once more, this time to record a full length record.


Somewhere between Nowhere and Goodbye (EP 2006)

28 Hours (EP 2004)

Set List

We usually play for a little bit more than an hour.
--about 12 songs-- + 'we want mores'