The City Boyz

The City Boyz

BandHip Hop

two guys who on the verge of their group fallin apart turned the cards and built a duo that is at a top notch level of underground rap using good lyrics and both their minds and passion can take the top of the underground hopefully to gain success in the future as mainstream artists


The City Boyz consist of Randy Sartori aka LiL G and Mike Loftus aka MLo the surviving two members left from The StreetSmart Soldiers came together to put their minds and passion for music together to create songs and give them meaning and put tracks out all the time with punchlines and precise lyrics The City Boyz tell the stories of their street lives and what they were through in their time

Set List

usually 8-10 songs some of which are Everytime,Pop Lock Drop It and new material stage size is not an issue