The City Life

The City Life


Born from Ruins, The City Life tredges on. The City Life is a rock-pop-garage explosion. This group is bringing a soulful mix of beautiful rock fury to the communities of the world, and will have you telling yourself, why isn't my life in the City?


From the ruins of Neo-Atlantis rock city, Louisiana comes a fearsome fivesome of flash flaunting fury known fondly as The City Life. They forge beyond the reaches of natural disaster for a single purpose: to quench the thirst that is so rampant in today's youth. The nigh unsatisfiable hunger for gut busting, sock rocking, sensory centered indie pop garage rock music. To give the ears of the earth such gratification is a Herculean task not to be taken lightly, but to be taken upon the shoulders of a group that does not intend to fail. This is the story of that group.

The tale begins in May of 2004 when a band that called themselves Survey Says set out to entertain their community with their own seasoned mix of cleverly catchy counterpoint and raw rock drive. Popularity of the group started to gain momentum as the venues got fancier and the shows got crazier. By the end of 2004, the band was headlining at some of New Orleans top rock clubs for crowds of over 200 people. The group then decided to record their first CD. In the summer of 2005, they put themselves in the hands of one of the city's top producers, Dr. James Paton Walsh, a veteran of the NYC underground rock scene, and a beautiful chemistry began to take this project to new heights.

All was going well when the country was shocked with the arrival of its largest natural disaster in history. Hurricane Katrina put everything on hold and split the band to all corners of the south, but their rock driven spirit was only fueled by the events unfolding before them. As soon as circumstances allowed, the group reassembled, regrouped, exchanged instruments and members, took some time to further master their craft, and exploded back onto the rock scene with a new name: THE CITY LIFE. With their symbolic new title came a new drive to not only set their community on fire with amped out audio delight, but the whole world.

Along with their insatiably infectious pop riffs and charismatically charming lyrics, The City Life was welcomed back onto the rock scene with wide open arms, ears, and hearts. Nearly 300 loyal and new found fans attended their first show since the hurricane, and things haven't stopped snowballing for this group of hip trippin, punk dippin, audio cravin youngsters.

Their debut album, "What's That Sound?" smashes into availability this October for everyone who wishes to hear. Just you wait, because pretty soon, your life will be in the city too.


What's That Sound? EP