the City Streets

the City Streets

 Montréal, Quebec, CAN

Melodic bliss power pop with the spirit of punk rock always shining a light. All tour dates at


They play diverse melodic power pop with the spirit of punk rock always shining a light. They have released three full length albums, ‘These Things Happen’, ‘Concentrated Living’, and ‘The Jazz Age’, and 3 EP’s called ‘If you don’t like the Clash you’re a bad person’, ‘The Hipster Cull’, and ‘Decline of the West’. Spring 2012 will see the release of 2 more full length records ‘Winter Lightning’ and ‘Sawdust & Rum’.

They have toured North America extensively, visiting almost every province and state at least once, and performing in Haiti/Mexico. The City Streets have played over 400 shows and counting.

The members of the City Streets are: Rick Reid, songwriter, vocals and guitar, Matt Leddy, bass, backup vocals, Mark Chmilar drums and art/graphic design. Some people have said there are traces of Springsteen, the Replacements, Jawbreaker, the Clash, Gram Parsons, Broken Social Scene, Elvis Costello, Pavement, Wilco and the bleak prairie where they grew up in their songs. Their songs are about fading beauty, strange madness, childhood, being drunk and broke, romantic idealism, inherited sadness, glory nights, failure and love.

The City Streets have released their albums and received almost uniformly excellent, sometimes insightful reviews. They also have been fortunate to have continual support from campus radio across Canada for all of their releases, and both full length albums charted in the top 150 overall in the year they were released. Concentrated Living was the #1 record on CJSR in 2008. They were added to XM Verge radio in May 2009 and played a live set on-air. They have also played showcases at SXSW, NXNE, Pop Montreal, and Canadian Music Week.

The City Streets are the hardest working band in Canada, and one of the best. Come see them play and if you’re feeling up to it, let them crash on your floor.

"This group is Alberta's only hope. "Concentrated Living" is their latest album and if their brand of Power Pop is any indication of their live performance, then we have lots of hope for them. (along with their home province)."- CBC Radio 3

“Some Replacements, some early Costello, a bottle of Whiskey, and you’ve got some idea of where these hearts-on-their-sleeves, punk prairie boys are coming from.” –Now Toronto NXNE preview

"What sets City Streets apart from other competent songwriters is the intensity they bring to this studio recording — especially Reid’s consistently committed vocal performances. The worst thing you could say about The City Streets is that they occasionally veer towards Kings of Leon–style populism — which probably just means that they’re gonna be huge."

-Dave Morris, Eye Weekly

"Their songs- a tight mix of the hard social message of the Clash and the twang of Wilco- are spectacular."- Vue Weekly cover story

About the new record, The Jazz Age

“The trio mastered the art of the deliberate build-up, turning pretty ordinary bar band confessionals into mini-crunchy guitar epics with the chops to match the heart. 7.5/10 – Montreal Mirror"

"Containing everything from upbeat punk-rock to haunting ballads, the album has sweeping appeal. The group's diverse musical taste comes through int their lyrics; Reid calls out the Clash, Neil Young, and the Supremes in different songs."
- The Gateway


The City Streets
"These Things Happen"
Release date-December 2005

The City Streets
"If You Don't Like The Clash, You Are A Bad Person"
Release date-January 2006

The City Streets
"Concentrated Living"
Release date-August 2008

The City Streets
"Movies Are For Retards" Replacements 7" w/Secret Fires
Release date-January 2009

The City Streets
"The Hipster Cull"
Release date-December 2009

The City Streets
"The Jazz Age"
Release date-June 2010

The City Streets
Release date-March 2011

The City Streets
"Winter Lightning"
Release Date - May 2012

The City Streets
"Sawdust & Rum"
Release Date - May 2012

Set List

constantly changing sets.
35-40 minute sets.