The Civilians

The Civilians


Led Zepplin and Sublime's love child


The Civilians first kicked down the doors to the Austin music scene in 2002, quickly establishing a word of mouth reputation that drew crowds to such venues as Stubb’s, Flamingo Cantina, and the dearly departed Steamboat. After some initial changes in lineup, founding Civilians Tommy Tynes (drums), and Travis McGuire (vocals/guitar) reunited with childhood friend Justin McLemore (bass) for chemistry that you would have to see to believe. Their unique brand of pop-core has evolved over the years and is electrified by the band’s camaraderie, spawning a cohesive sound and raucous, energetic live shows where there is never a dull moment.
The Civilians’ style could only have germinated in Austin, stemming from the trio’s diverse palette of musical influences in rock, funk, jazz, and reggae. Pop-core would be an oxymoron in any other city with any other band, but perfectly describes the Civilians’ exuberant, versatile sound. They explore various genres but always maintain an intuitive pop sensibility that keeps crowds dancing and are not afraid to viciously rock out. They play fast and loose with conventions, scoff at so-called scenes, and take mischievous pleasure in toeing lines, creating a unique musical fusion that has something for everyone. The addition of McLemore to the group has brought with it a great deal of original material that embodies the band’s vibe, but don’t be surprised to hear a cover or two. The Civilians playfully cover staples like James Brown and Weezer, but with their own special twist.
Having recently completed their first EP with local producer Justin Sadowski, the Civilians are returning to the streets to do what they do best: jam the roofs off of clubs in Austin and beyond.


Pop-Chart Wannabe

Written By: The Civilians

I was taken alive by a band of whacked out, super freak gigolo drag queens; blindfolded and gagged I was tagged with the shame of the fame of a pop chart wannabe. And what I want to know, what I want to know is, how you do it? How do you do it? How do you make it look so damn cool? Unofficially fly im your guy im you pusher man, mike stand jamming the program, good better and best im depressed because I lost my favorite V-neck Sweater!!!


Written By: The Civilians

Out in the sun everyday, singing a song as we play, all of the time you steal my heart, you called it your own, now you can do what you want. Ill pretend that I don’t miss you, if you pretend that you don’t care, if we keep lying to each other, at least ill know the truth is out there, somewhere. Trembling hands steering my wheel, hesitant heart learning to feel, so damn close and yet so far away, now I’ve got to find the words to say, the right words to say, all the words to say, but there is nothing to say.


Written By: The Civilians

Glucose You are me I am you

(First time around again with you)

Red car starlight star-bright shake down

Fake-out slow down shift gear freak out

street lights flashin while I’m passin’ you by

sugar-cube sunny day apple of my eye

contact, get back homie’s comin’ strapped

cause I got midgets in the shotgun baby!


Smoke-out black out fire in the sky

I’m all yours honey, aint no need to cry

basketball player put a bullet in the ball

stall game, shoot, score, hang it on the wall

missiletoe blisters when you shout it the best

you know I don’t have to f-f-finish

‘cause you know the r-r-r-rest


we are on also we are also on the Dallas FestEvil 2004 Compilation. Our EP is Called "Extended Play" and the official release party is may 6th, 2005

Set List

Our typical set list varies depending on the time alotted. Usual set is 45-60 minutes and includes mostly original material with 1-2 covers.
We have about 2 hours worth of original material and about 1 hour worth of cover songs.


In The Moon Of The Fat Calf
Say Goodnight
Send Me To The Stars
Pop Chart Wannabe
Girls Like That
Birthdays and Obituaries
On My Own
So Many Names
Mr. Green's Theme
Sunshine Pop
Back porch Rasta
Shawn Alf Sucks
Keep the Dream Alive (Rock Version or plain Jane)
Closed Door
I Don't Want No Moss
So Scene
Summer Sunrise
Holy War

Molly's Lips
Man's World
Buddy Holly
Long View
Blur Song #2
What I Got
My Generation
Love Rollercoaster
Evil Ways
Get up, Stand Up
Fortunate Son
Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic
Jane Says
Are You Gonna Be My Girl