The Clairvoyant

The Clairvoyant


The Clairvoyant is an audio adventure that will run from funk, rock, blues, jazz, and everything in between. Running largely off energy the band goes into long improvised jams that play games with your mind and makes you think instead of just listen.


The Clairvoyant is a Minnesota based Experimental / Psychedelic / Funk band that was started in mid 2007 by Jake Berry, after a few line up change's the current line up was settled upon. Stemming from their love of funk and rock the band has begun to mesh a sound that they can call their own. Though they love the pop format of songs they also the ability to improvise on stage. From this is where the live shows really shine the band could be in a deep funky jam at one minute and in a spacey synth heavy jam the next. Constantly flowing with energy that music creates is what moves The Clairvoyant into trying new and exciting things.

In there time as a band The Clairvoyant have played with such bands as God Johnson, Fat Maw Rooney, Down Lo, Kid Dakota, The Lives of Famous Men, and Blood Root Mother. They've also had the honor of playing such venues as Trocaderos Nightclub and The 400 Bar in Minneapolis. Station 4 in St. Paul. The Revival in St. Cloud as well as 2008's EFFIT FEST.


Well so far we've only had one EP but people bought them all so now where just working on get new music out there.

Set List

Our sets are always different. The order of the songs is different and the way we play them could change as well. We do a number of covers that range from Pink Floyd to The Red Hot Chili Peppers. On average our sets run from 1 hour to 2.