The Clampdown

The Clampdown


The Clampdown is a captivating, energetic and humorous punk band. With no less than four years together, the band has already racked up more than 250 shows in 12 states, in various venues and clubs. For past & current show listing go to:


The Clampdown took its first breath of punk rock air in the summer of 2002. They have progressed through the years, but stick to their DIY roots and fun punk rock sound that would make anyone move their feet. Bringing humor to songs always makes their shows more fun, but they are also not afraid to make a bold statement. BAM!!! These guys are doing what they love, and what is in their hearts. The Clampdown has been touring since 2003. The shows and meeting new people is what keeps this band a chuggin'. The Clampdown has played at venues such as Rocketown in Nashville, TN, The Door in Dallas, TX, The Rock Angel Cafe in Paducah, KY, C-STONE, Bushnell, IL, The Texas Punk Festival, and many more. They have also played with great bands such as Patent Pending, Six Hung Sprung, Side Walk Slam, The Kick, Anberlin, Showbread, Welton, Sherwood, Dogwood, The Insyderz, The Letters Organize, As Cities Burn, Yellow Second, Man Alive and many more. So, come one, come all, The Clampdown is going to kick out the jams.


Remedial Rock 101 (2006)
-From A Spark
-Night of the Living Dead
-Let's Get Movin'
-Come Dance With Me
-Clampdown Jig
-Back O Ma Head
-Just Wait
-Oh No

The Clampdown-Live at Vino's(2005)
-Night of the Living Dead (Live)
-Emotional Lady/The Uprise (Live)
-Just Wait (Live)
-Clampdown Jig (Live)
-Slumber Party (Live)
-Oh No (Live)
-Caged (Live)

Going Postal EP (Late 2004)
- Best Friends and Photographs
- The Uprise
- We're the Youth

Skrewed Glued and Tattooed Comp.(2004)
Skrewed Records

The Clampdown EP (Early 2004)
- Everything
- Greatest Thing of All

Set List

Always a new line-up, usually including a fun cover or two.