The Classics

The Classics


The Classics cover the classic Rock & Roll and Country Hits from the 50's to the 80's that we all know and love as the soundtrack to our lives. Instrumental and vocal harmony arrangements delivered with enthusiasm and feeling from "back in the day" for dancing or just partying.


The Classics are three music lovers that came together with a will to play the best music they ever played. They blend together their influences gained from listening to and interpreting the musical gems they love from the genres of Rock & Roll , Rock, Bluegrass, Country, Irish, Folk, Down East (and the spaces in between).

Set List

An evening with The Classics typically includes three sets of 45-60 minutes each. Sets are tailored to the audience and the atmosphere required (from subtler backgound listening music (for dinner and cocktails) to straight ahead rocking dance music.

Sets are drawn from the following representative repertoire: