The Class War Kids

The Class War Kids


Finally! A revolution you can dance to! The Class War Kids are a political punk rock band who believe that music can be a force for positive change in our world, and that music should be catchy as shit! We make it our goal to have something to say, and for it to get stuck in your head for days!


"In brief, The Class War Kids - out of Newfoundland and featuring members of The Brat Attack and The Embarrassments - play uber-catchy, melodic, politically-charged, socially-conscious, activist posi-punk-pop... A Strong People Need No Leader is a punk rock clarion call-to-action,bursting with uplifting, up-tempo, insightful and inciteful oppositional anthems. The songs are fast and furious yet joyous and jubilant; they're hook-filled, message-filled sing-a-longs that'll get stuck in your head like glue. The Class War Kids will have you shakin' your hips while you're shaking the system; one listen and you'll be dancing in the streets while you're taking it to the streets..."

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Break Me

Written By: Patty/Davey

Patty: You try to tell me things will never change "no matter how hard we fight things will stay the same" but you'll never break me down. Your jaded words will never break my heart, every time I get knocked down I'll just get right back up, you'll never break me down.
Davey: We resist these imperialist regimes you wonder why we take it to such extremes. You'll never break me down. Throw off the shackles of this capitalist hold, the voices of the people can never be controlled. You'll never break me down.

Discontented & Apathetic

Written By: Patty

Discontented and apathetic, a world full of broken hearts and shattered dreams. Disillusioned and disconnected, our common threads torn apart at the seams. I can see you're angry and you and me, we've got a common fucking enemy. But all I see is apathy when what we need is some fucking solidarity. Disappointment and misdirection, because it's tough to act and it's easy to blame. Disapproval followed by inaction but, your silence and death will be one and the same. I can see you're angry and you and me have got a common fucking enemy. Seems to me there's somuch apathy when what we need is some fucking solidarity...

Song For Broken Hearts

Written By: Patty

Our revolution requires a single steady heartbeat, and with it we will overcome the evils and the sorrows of the world in which we live. It doesn't take a lot of people all we need is one, and if you feel like you can't make it, and maybe they were all right all along, don't close your eyes, don't fucking give in. You are strong. This is your song. We all want to change the world, so keep your days dressed up in love and hopeless romance, because no one is going to change the world if no one ever takes the chance. When we were young they told us we could do anything, and now I'm older and I took those words to heart. And we may not accomplish all the things we want to finish, but that doesn't seem good reason not to start. This song is for the broken hearted, to everyone who gave up on a silly childhood dream. This is a song for the defeated, if you want change you have to scream. We all want to change the world, so keep your days dressed up with love and hopeless romance. Because no one is going to change the world if no one takes the fucking chance.


**A Strong People Need No Leader (L.P.)**
1. Break Me
2. Songs for the Broken Hearted
3. Discontented & Apathetic
4. The Racist Policies of the New World Order
5. Sick to Death
6. Center of it All
7. Strikeback!
8. Resisting Occupation
9. We're Gonna Be Alright
10. No Shelter

**Self Titled E.P.**
1. Discontented & Apathetic
2. Resisting Occupation
3. We're Gonna Be Alright
4. Break Me

Set List

1. Something striking
2. Something faster
3. Something slow(ish)
4. Something in a different key
5. Something political
6. Something dance-able
*more banter (slighty more witty)
7. Something we wrote
8. Something we wish we had written
*a sincere and uplifting story
9. Something that needs no explanation
10. Something that does
*a hearty thank you and a few goodbyes
11. Our last song

Avg run time: 30 min. -- 145 min. (depending on level of wit involved in banter)