The Classy Chassys

The Classy Chassys


The Classy Chassys pluck the heart strings of rock and soul. Lead vocalist/guitarist Matt Joyal infuses his smooth tenor with such raw energy that you might mistake him for a living -- but possessed -- Elvis Presley. Once you hear him belt it out in his element, you’ll know what I mean.


The Classy Chassys, born from the ashes of previous bands, have made it their mission to strip down their music while maintaining a high energy feel. With influences stretching as far back as Elvis Presley, B.B King and Louis Prima, to newer acts such as The Stray Cats and Reverend Horton Heat, they have forged a classic yet modern style combining the best sounds of rockabilly, swing, blues, jazz, and rock. The band consists of the rhythmic backbone of Luke Saretsky banging on the standup drums, and Dan Neumeier slapping on the stand up bass. On the lead team is Kenny Martelli wailing on Tenor and Alto saxaphones, and Matt Joyal strumming the guitar and belting the vocals. When The Classy Chassys play expect nothing short of raw energy. The band is always up and dancing while playing their music, and have made it their mission to make everyone who listens do the same.


With Class EP
-How Will You Know
-18 Miles To Memphis
-Miss Hollywood
-Wanting More
-With Class

Set List

we do alot of covers obviously and the few originals we have. heres a typical set list of ours which would be about two 1 hour sets. i will bold our original songs...

-20 Flight Rock
-Stary Cat Strut
-How Will You Know
-18 Miles To Memphis
-Zip Gun Bop
-Hallelujah I Love Her So
-I Won't Stand In Your Way
-Manhattan Service Road
-Just Because
-Can't Hurry Love
-Drink That Bottle Down
-I'm Going Home
-Rumble In Brighton
-Baby Blue Eyes
-Miss Hollywood
-Smokey Joe's Cafe

-Rock This Town
-Wasn't That Good
-Built For Speed
-Lonely Summer Nights
-Wanting More
-Blue Moon/That's Alright Mama
-Good Intentions
-Ain't Too Hard To See
-Too Hip, Gotta Go
-Sea Of Heartbreak
-Crazy Little Thing Called Love
-I Wanna Be Like You
-Mystery Train Kept a Rollin'
-With Class