The Clayton Irwin Band

The Clayton Irwin Band


Flowing smoothly through multiple styles, this jazz, post-rock, groove, and soulful collective base their approach to music on the idea that musical creation can exist outside the limits of a specific genre or fixed sound.


Formerly known as "The Paul Minor Dialogue", The Clayton Irwin Band is renowned for its ever evolving sound and its focus on musical exploration.

Playing music together for the first time in 2000 there was an instant connection - described by all as "very natural, very organic and very strong". Since that first jam, The Clayton Irwin Band has played venues all over British Columbia including 2 appearances on national TV and numerous appearances at festivals. They have a tour planned for most of the summer of 2006.

Originally a predominantly melodic group, the band has evolved into a focused rhythmic group seeking a unique and deep connection with music. Without a leader, the group members have stood by their collective mandate which they agreed upon in the beginning - make music.

Their style has been described as a mix of jazz, post-rock, groove and lounge but on any given night the music may lead them into new approaches. Stay tuned for the Summer 2006 tour details.


Scheduled release of first LP entiled "The Life and Times" November 2006.

Set List

Our typical setlists run for 45 minutes to an hour and include covers of a variety of jazz songs. The following set list would run approx. 45 mintues.

A Night in Tunisia
Chicken Shack
So What
It Ain't Necessarily So
Comin Home Baby
Idle Moments
Dark Eyes