The Clearout

The Clearout


The Clearout is a rock band from Chicago, Illinois. The musical experience that is The Clearout is something very unique. A solid blend of rock, blues, funk, and indie themes-- the band will certainly rock you to diverse places.


The Clearout is a rock band based out of Chicago, Illinois. Having been together for two years, The Clearout has jumped head-on into the Chicago music scene.

The band started out when Bob and Dave started to jam two years ago. At that point, Bob was a talented guitar player and Dave brought his drumming to their duo. Soon Bob and Dave discovered that Rick, their friend and neighbor, had not only learned to play guitar but had incredible talent. At that point, Bob found his calling laying down the bass for the group while Rick became the band's guitarist.

After many instrumental jam sessions Bob, Rick, and Dave realized that none of them could sing so Bob and Rick suggested that they invite their friend Zane over to practice. Within the first song that they played together , they knew that they had found their singer. Fitting in with ease, Zane became not only the band's lead vocalist but a guitarist as well.

Since then, The Clearout has played many shows, written many original songs and truly grown as a band. In the past year, the band has worked hard to put together much original music that will hopefully be shared in their upcoming demo cd. With the help of good friend Chris Toeller, they hope to record a demo by the end of the year.

Coming to see The Clearout in concert is an experience you don't want to miss. Whether listening to blistering guitar solos, funky bass riffs, awesome vocal melodies, or sweet drum grooves, The Clearout's music is can be enjoyed by all.


The Clearout plans to release their CD in Spring 2008

Set List

Reggie's 12-23-07

Circles >Universally Speaking >Crazy* >Psycho Killer** >101>Paranoid >
Rockin' In The Freeworld >Santeria >"Emo Song" >Wolf Like Me >Whole Lotta Love***

*Small intro Jam
**"Charlie" Outtro
***With "Dazed and Confused" Jam