The Clench

The Clench

 Sheffield, England, GBR

The Clench make adventure music for a misplaced clientele. Trading gritty, urban realities for a sun-kis't, delta landscape, they forge tales of western fantasy, revenge drama and ultra-violence.


Friends, let us regale you with the cautionary tale of six gunslingers who, at their most desperate and needy, thought it wise to make a deal with the big man downstairs.

In exchange for their eternal souls, these men were rewarded with riches, property, and perhaps most significantly, a musical dexterity the likes of which had not been seen since the heady days of Fiddlin' John Carson.

And so it came to pass that the men lived out their days naturally, each having accrued a fine collection of ex-wives, sated bellies and exquisite guitars. Unbeknownst to them however, the bargain with Big Red was far from fulfilled; having remained unconcerned with ‘the small print’, they were alarmed to find that not only did the deal involve their souls, but the souls of their sons, and their sons’ sons, and even their sons’ sons’ sons. Until the end of time.

So please, allow us to introduce the current incarnation of these unfortunate souls, for they can’t be long for this world. With that in mind, they applied the skills their forebears bestowed upon them, and the fruits of those labors can now be proudly unveiled.

Ladies and Gentlemen, The Clench.


'Pain Don't Hurt' - 4-track E.P. - April 2009

'Walking In The Devil's Tracks' - 10-track debut album - May 2011

Set List

Changes nightly but involves:

Crawlin' Back To You
'Cross The Borderline
Rusty Blade
1000 Dead Cowboys
White Man's Wrist
Whisky Tremolo
Disco Mariachi
A Fistful Of Nothing
Walk This Earth
All Those Things
Act Of Vengeance
Gotcho Disease