The Clips

The Clips


4 pc electro-rock band from Vancouver, BC. High energy musicians who thrive on stage. Influenced by the UK and East Coast music scenes (late 90s artrock, 80s dance). Live video scratching, lead vocalist plays 2 keyboards, drum player will often pick-up a violin mid-song. Aural bliss!


Jeremy and Edo started jamming about 4 years ago as a strictly synth & percussion duo. Over the next couple years we were able to turn some of the better ideas into full arrangements, at which point Mike and Cohen were conveniently ready to make contributions to existing songs, and help formulate newer ones. We are synth and fx friendly in the same vein of music as bands such as Sigur Ros, Beta Band, and Radiohead, but strive to create thrash-your-head-dancefloor-ready songs in the vein of The Rapture, Arcade Fire, and Bloc Party. The songwriting is backed by classical composition expertise, but also feeds off of catchy guitar loops and sharp keyboard lines.


Thus far we've only recorded this basic demo you have access to here. It provides a rough sketch of what we aim to produce at a professional level in the coming months. We are starting the recording of a full length album on July 7 with plans to finish by the end of August 2005. .

Set List

Our set list is about 11 songs long, which amounts to about 1.5 hours. At shows we will usually blend our last song together with a follow up dj set. The aim is to start the crowd off with our more cerebral/reflective pieces (Abalone) and build towards an all out dance party by the end of the performance (Kassle/Space Kidz).
a typical set list might be:
2nd Hand Deal
Space Kidz