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"Ad Song's The Fizz-Nezz"

The track from the latest Pepsi TV advert is to be released as a single after all.

Last week I told you the catchy song, Hey Now Now by The Cloud Room was a chart smash just waiting to happen.

Everyone has been humming the catchy song after watching the commerical and the band have now decided to release the song.

The infectious track is also set to feature in another Pepsi ad starring the silky skilled Barcelona superstar Ronaldinho, which will be hitting our screens any day now.

The single will be out on October1. - The Sun

"The Play List"

First feature in a Pepsi ad, Hey Now now is an upbeat rock song with a big hook. The ad airs again through August September. (single, October 1) - Music Week

"Live Reviews"

"So I just found out that The Cloud Room is named after a swanky executive lounge near the top of NYC's greatest skyscraper, The Chrysler Building. Helluva source for a band moniker - just about as brilliantly unorthodox and attention demanding as their music - a bumble hip shake non-stop melodic skin and heart churning of a thing - stunningly original and daringly progressive/aggressive. At the helm of this infectious ride is frontman J, who possesses a potentially dynamic stage presence and could possibly pass for the l'il bro of Daddy of Mommy and Daddy - will no doubt grow into more of a prowling stalking fiercer eye of the storm as he plays to consistently larger and larger crowds. As of now - for a relatively new band on the scene he and his mates have charisma to spare, putting on an engaging and on this night theatrical multi-media performance as I as libbed the surf movie The Endless Summer II to be projected behind them. The rolling and crashing majestic grace of the waves behind them - as most karmically harmonious things do - just seemed to absolutely click - rhythms hooks and crests peaking at the same time. Quite an impressive first impression and with the quality of their demo recordings, certainly one that has lasted a damn long while."


"Hey Now Now"
Single Released 1st October 2007.

"The Cloud Room"
Self-Titled Album Released 8th October 2007



This is J, singer of NYC's The Cloud Room.

Two major events led to this bio ending up in your hands. Well, three, if you count the beginning of the universe. About 13 billion years later I left Silicon Valley for New York after being offered a job with filmmaker Hal Hartley. I sold my car & all my belongings, left my girlfriend and ditched my little Northern California accent. However, after finally arriving, I discovered my dream job had been inexplicably given to an NYU student. I was, as they say, "screwed" (although, have you seen anything he's done since Henry Fool?). I worked the film industry for a couple years, but after having to refill one too many actors' water bottles with Stoli Vanilla, I drifted back to my original love--Music. "O' Sonic Youth, how hath I forsaken thee" would be a terrible thing to write at this moment.

This leads to the second, much more profound event.

In the winter of 2004, I got extremely sick. After 3 months went by with no improvement, the bewildered doctor said I needed to take an HIV test. I did. It came back positive. They said I should take a different, more thorough one. Unfortunately, the doctor was just leaving on a Caribbean vacation for three weeks, and she would only give me the results in person. So I rode the bus home, and locked myself in the apartment for 18 days. After a week or two of self-loathing/pity I picked up the guitar and immediately fell into this melody, almost child-like in it's simplicity. "Hey now now, we going down down..." I recorded what I had on my answering machine. Then the doctor's Caribbean vacation ended, so I rode the bus back for the results. After she got caught up talking about her trip, I blurted out, "Please, THE FUCKING RESULTS." She looked through the file and said, "You're fine. It was a false positive." I broke down right there, and it was in that instant of going from the worst moment in my life to the greatest moment in my life that changed everything, especially music. I wanted to somehow bottle that seering joy.

So that brings us to the music. In 2004, I stole my best friend's rhythm section, which consisted of Jonathan Petrow on Bass and Jason Pharr on drums. We remain best friends. Through craigslist, I found Guitarist David H and Electric Pianist Steven Milton.

And, finally, a few secrets about our debut album so you can get on with your life. You can hear our collective crush on Beyoncé in "Blue Jean". There's a nod to Bill Withers on "Hey Now Now" that I know you'll pick up. "We Sleep In The Ocean" seems to enjoy a slight consensus as the band's favorite--although my favorite moment of the album is the bridge on "Waterfall". And, lastly, Philip Glass, who built the studio we recorded in, turned out to be my second cousin! My crazy mother keeps writing him emails trying to get us to meet for coffee at Starbucks, but no response yet. Crazy! Bye!

Q: Hello, The Cloud Room! Where does the name 'The Cloud Room' come from?
A: The name The Cloud Room comes from the speakeasy at the top of the Chrysler building during the time of prohibition. Also, when I was very young, I got locked in a room that was covered from floor to ceiling with cloud wallpaper. It was empty except for a dentist chair. After weeks and weeks (in kid time), I began wondering whether I had died and this was I started screaming!
Q: Hello, The Cloud Room! What are some of your favorite bands?
A: The Flaming Lips, Sly Stone, Leonard Cohen, Sonic Youth, David Bowie, The Supremes, Roy Orbison, Brian Eno, Syd Barrett.