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"The Clouds: Sebuah Restorasi Manis"

Bermula dari nama Miserable, itulah awal munculnya The Clouds. Miserable dimulai dari Aji Wiweko, Agus Mardian, Ari So, Adam. Miserables mendapat pengaruh dari The Smiths, Morrissey, The Cure, Lightning Seeds, James, Pulp, dan lain-lain. Suatu ketika yang tersisa hanya Aji dan Mardian, yang lainnya memutuskan keluar karena ada proyek lain.

Kedua individu ini mulai membangun ulang kembali musiknya, menciptakan Samar. Sebuah lagu dengan pondasi nyata dari kehidupan temannya yang terpengaruh zat adiktif. Samar menjadi titik balik Miserable. Untuk melengkapi lagu tersebut Aji dan Mardian memanggil Diaz untuk mengisi bas, kemudian Made yang ditempatkan pada pelatuk suara, Echa mengisi keyboard, dan Ibam pada drum. Restorasi ini menghasilkan perubahan nama menjadi The Clouds.

Tahun 2004, The Clouds mulai merampungkan materinya dan telah bermain untuk beberapa gigs di Jakarta. Namun, di tahun 2008 roda The Clouds kembali kebawah. Tiga personil memutuskan keluar karena mendapatkan pekerjaan profesional. Lagi-lagi yang tersisa adalah Aji, Marrdian, dan Diaz. Mereka masih mempunyai rasa optimis untuk The Clouds. Asa itu tersambut, mereka menemukan Ijal mengisi posisi drum, Dolly menggantikan Made. Restorasi formasi baru ini hanya bertahan dua tahun, 2010 Dolly memutuskan keluar untuk membereskan proyek solonya. Kekosongan itu akhirnya diisi Ipang yang bertahan hingga sekarang. Aji, Marrdian, Diaz, Ijal, dan Ipang inilah hasil dua kali restorasi The Clouds. Dengan formasi ini mereka telah merekam Samar, Sepi, Lelah Melangkah, Silusi, dan Guide Me To Your Door. Tema yang diangkat The Clouds untuk barometer lirik adalah kejadian nyata. -

"My First Impression Is Wow Dude, Remind Us Maybe To The Band Which Have Edward Scissorhand In It Or You Could Say, “The Cure” To Be Exact . And Congratulations , I’m A Fan Of The Cure, The Drums, And Other Indie Pop Bands,"


Last Time I’ve Received A Messeage From One Of The Band Contact, Wanted To Post An Article About Them, Well I Said That Would Be Great, So I’ve Listen To One Of Their Single. “Guide Me To Your Door” Which The Link For The Single Download Is Available Here : Download The Clouds

My First Impression Is Wow Dude, Remind Us Maybe To The Band Which Have Edward Scissorhand In It Or You Could Say, “The Cure” To Be Exact . And Congratulations , I’m A Fan Of The Cure, The Drums, And Other Indie Pop Bands, I Think I’m Officialy A Fan Of The Clouds. The Vocals Is A Little Bit Heavily British Influence Really. It’s Like Combining Pure Saturday With The Cure That Produce The Clouds. Top Knotch To These Guys. May Success Be With You Always. Cheers.

Here’s The Info I Found About The Clouds :

According to one Myth Legend,This band Have Changed personnel many times, and in the end they stand on behalf of The Clouds. And now, without getting lost their present with their single ‘Guide Me To Your Door’,

Well, The Clouds felt very guilty and thrown away from the path it should be, but it seems they have done whatever it be a sweet sin because they are inspired to make this song. Lightweight song that tells of a man who regrets what he has done, because after all that passed, which gained only guilt and emptiness.

A simple theme for a song, but The Clouds successfully meraciknya such a way, to produce a unique confession, an indie-pop songs with tunes that are easily digested without making our ears need guidance. Rueful lyrics are easy to music and angst-free typical indie-pop, do not make us trapped in confusion as The Clouds in this song.

Despite sounding very Influenced By The Cure, The game is simple melody combined with a distinctive drum beats as their single ‘Samar’, makes this song still has the originality of The Clouds.

Here Is The Band Personel :

Vocals : Ipang A.K.A Abu Haidar
Backing Vocals : Yodam “Moux”, Agus Marr Dian , Ipang A.K.A Abu Haidar
Lead Guitar : Aji Wiweko
Rhythm : Agus Marr Dian
Bass : Wiranata Agung Tyas
Drum : Andi “Aco” Razaq

Hey Guys If You Wanna Hear More About The Indie Pop Scientist From Jakarta Check Their SoundCloud. Over Here >

For Information Regarding The Clouds :

Twitter : @theclouds_Jkt
Facebook : The Clouds Jakarta

For Booking Contact Person :

Nia 081315690555 | PIN: 2148F9ED

"There is a generous warmth in the music which emerges from The Clouds as picks of weft create the fabric in which the listener is wrapped."

The Clouds, an indie pop band from Jakarta in Indonesia mark the first exploration in to the country and we find a band that has gone through various iterations since 2001 which currently has a steady line-up of Ipang Bona Drag (Vocal), Aji Wiweko (Guitar), Agus MarrDian (Guitar), Wiranata Agung Tyas (Bass) and Rizal Hands (Drums). Predominately singing in Indonesian, even to the untrained ear, there is no doubt of the melancholy of the lyric which is exacerbated by the lugubrious instrumentation.

There is a generous warmth in the music which emerges from The Clouds as picks of weft create the fabric in which the listener is wrapped. For sure we are reminded of Factory Records, yet there is a floating ambience which counterbalances remorse, rebounding through the synapses, as simultaneously darts of dopamine leave the spirit lifted. There was a study in Nature Neuroscience just a year ago to which my head was drawn as I write.

The Clouds is a superb starting point for Indonesia as the music casts introspections of a country of high humidity and yet an adaptability to which the human condition is adept. Bear with me, if you will.

I spent a little time lecturing on business in Vietnam. After everyone had been hard at work for 10 hours and still a humid night was facing those I was tutoring and lo and behold on my first lecture, I was led out-side and the students climbed the trees in the court-yard to catch any breeze and the cooling effects of the plants. I stood entranced by ingenuity and had to throw my notes away, these guys needing nothing from Western concepts as that adaptation is and was an inspiration. Subsequently when I returned to the UK and provided Strategic restructuring advice in the area of Human Resource Planning, my head was directly back to Can Tho for a lesson well learnt.

You may be wondering, do what? The Clouds have added a layer of interest to a musical space and deserve far more recognition than currently achieved. -


1. Lost in Jakarta [ep] - Launched on

2. Lost in Jakarta [ep] - Launched in DIY CD

3. Samar (single) - Released by Glory Record (Underground Label from Bangkok, Thailand)

4. Samar (single) - Compiled in CD by Kaiser Jeans (Fashion brand from Tangerang, Indonesia)

5. Samar (single) Compiled in a "POP IS DEAD #4" by MindBlasting (NetLabel)

6.Guide Me to Your Door - Released by Blue Records Label (DIY Label from Bandung, West Java, Indonesia)

7. Guide Me to Your Door - Released by HoutSkool (Indie Webzine from Semarang, Central Java)



The Clouds - A Beginning
It was started from a jam session called “Miserables“ by Aji Wiweko - guitar (Old School Hard Core band named Empty Message), Agus Marrdian – guitar (Cambridge Revolt ), Aris So – drums (Cambridge Revolt), Adam - bass (Cambridge Revolt). They played songs popularized by The Smiths, Morrissey, The Cure, Lightning Seeds, James, Pulp, etc. Unfortunately, in 2001, Aris, Burhan and Adam decided to leave Miserables because of their emergency project. They decided to play indie pop music, not hardcore or punk rock as they usually do.
In a cloudy windy night in Aji’s terrace the dynamic duo (Aji and Marrdian) and one of their best friends, Wiranata Agung Tyas (Sub Rooster) started to play their sad guitar strings to interpretate one of their poem called “Samar“ which inspired from a true story about their best friends, who were trapped in hallucinative and addictive poison and it changed their way of lives a lot. It was a gloom and depressive poetry but it was the breakthrough in Miserables’ music career.

They then decided to recruit their best friends Wiranata Agung Tyas a.k.a Diaz (bass), Made Widya (guitarist of a hard core skin band called “Married By Accident/MBA”) –they pointed Made to be their lead vocalist), Rio Vanessa a.k.a Echa (guitarist of Suck Of Society – he was the keyboardist of the band) and Ibam (drum). They finally changed the name from “Miserables“ into “The Clouds“ to represent their hallucinative and absurd but real lyrics.

Most of their lyrics told us about the reality in this life. For examples: “Sisi Yang Hilang (about a grey area in our lives), ”Uncertainty“ (about boredom in our lives that could kill our feelings, energy and creativity), Prelude for Negative Minor (instrumental track), “Sepi“ (a description about loneliness and hope-loss that often comes into our days and it tortures our soul), “Garden of Eden“ (an imaginative poem about a nowhere lands,an endless heaven that brings us true peacefulness), ”Silusi “ (a temporer addiction of hallucinative substance but it could be a deadly poison if we can’t control our self-which written by Andri Mulyana a.k.a Cheppy – guitarist of ”Ten Holes” and a pop band named “Strangeways”) and “I Wanna Be My self“ (an optimistic and egocentric statement in every human’s character).

The Clouds their singles in 2004 in a music studio in the eastern Jakarta and they performed in several indie gigs in the city. Unfortunately, in 2008, three of band members stated to leave The Clouds because they got their professional jobs but it didn’t turn Aji, Marrdian and Diaz into hopeless. They kept their spirit and tried to fulfill the vacant positions. They recruited their old friends, Rizal Hands a.k.a Ijal.

(The Forgotten Fear’s drummer), Ahmad Fadholy a.k.a Dolly Plester (Overcast’s vocalist). They made a new single “For My Soulmate (a love song where The Clouds collaborated with Yodam Heaven’s passionate voice) But in the middle of The Clouds’ new journey, in 2010, Dolly Plester decided to finish his solo project and his position was replaced by Ipang Bona Drag (The Firm Indonesia). In the latest line-up, with Ipang as the new vocalist, The Clouds re-recorded their singles, such as Samar, Sepi, and Guide Me To Your Door, Lelah Melangkah, and Silusi.