The Coach and Four

The Coach and Four


Melodic guitar rock with influences ranging from Built to Spill and the Shins to Sonic Youth and Unwound. Fans of guitar rejoice!


Memphis, Tennessee's the Coach and Four began in 2001 as an offshoot of an instrumental side project called Breathe You Are Alive. The rhythm section, featuring Daniel Farris and Tony Dixon, had roots in the "math rock" genre with a previous band called Staynless, who released a full length album recorded by Steve Albini in 1999. Dixon and Farris recruited guitarists Brad Stanfill and Luke White along with keyboardist Jon David Lovelace to produce a sound that merged mathmatic calculation with melodic articulation. With White and Stanfill as the primary songwriters, the group developed a more focused, crafted sound than Breathe You Are Alive. Vocals began to emerge and the twangy sound of White's guitar began to mesh with the melodic repition of Stanfill's style. After several successful local shows under their belts, the group embarked on a regional tour playing with Quarter-stick's Shannon Wright, the Mercury Program, and Maserati. After the tour, the band recorded a five song e.p. and began gaining momentum in the community. In the meantime, local indie record label, Makeshift records began making waves with its Memphis Compilations and before long the Coach and Four and Makeshift would team up to put out the full length "Unlimited Symmetry". A dj at XM radio (XMU Channel 43)began to play the album in heavy circulation and a national interest began to form. Within a months time of the XM airplay, Makeshift began selling more and more copies of "Unlimited Symmetry" and were forced to repress the record to keep up with demand. These events sparked the band into action, playing more shows and writing new material. Very pleased with the new songs, the band is anxious to release the upcoming record and begin touring immediately.


Unlimited Symmetry (2004)
In Transit, Compson Eulogy, Pity for the Gifted, Never Always Everything, and Girls Arms have been played on XM Radio (XMU Channel 43) continuosly since being released in 2004.

Set List

We play everything from Unlimited Symmetry, and the only cover we play is by The Nerves (When You Find Out). Our average set time is 45 minutes to an hour depending.