The Coast

The Coast


Named for the Paul Simon song from Rhythm of The Saints, the Coast is a band that while not always sounding conventional, has a great pop sensibility about them. Consisting of the tightest-knit group you may ever come across, the band and their music has a core to it that is timeless and unique.


"...unexpected synth oscillations, interweaving guitar jangle enhanced with anabolic distortion and stunningly layered vocals come at you like a ton of bricks..." Cam Lindsay, Exclaim! Magazine
"Canada's best kept secret" MTV Canada

“…upbeat, shimmering pop music that could get folks dancing without a single disco hi-hat.” – Frank Yang, Chromewaves.

Voted destined for success in 2008 by Eye Weekly's 2008 Critic's Poll.


The Coast EP (2006)
Take a Walk Outside EP (2004) (sold over 500 copies side stage alone)

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