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The Coastal Cowboys

Los Angeles, California, United States | SELF

Los Angeles, California, United States | SELF
Band Pop Country


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"Dreamranch to Starboard..."

The first impression of ‘Ride On!’, the new CD album by The Coastal Cowboys, is the quality of the artwork and packaging. The strong imagery and colours, featuring a silhouetted rodeo-riding cowboy offset against near-psychedelic graphics, suggest that fun and professionalism are not mutually exclusive. The accompanying 12-page full-colour booklet is a delight and includes a welcome message setting the album in context, full lyrics, equipment lists (I'm not jealous!) and the obligatory credits and thank yous...including one or two for Bill and Emiko. The design cleverly features images of what are now kitsch and clichéd country insignia: horseshoes, revolvers, sheriff badges etc., but then shouts “hey, think again - there’s something new ready for this?”

I’d previously been introduced to The Coastal Cowboys via Dreamsville contributor (and one half of the band) Eric Tilley’s Soundclick offerings. The Soundclick tracks typically had a strong emphasis on showcasing the songwriting - often with other elements assuming secondary importance. To some degree this is the case here - “It’s all about the songs” it says in the sleeve notes. Speaking of which....

‘Moonrise’...sets out The Coastal Cowboys’ stall superbly. Strong, catchy and melodically rich - I could easily hear this as a hit. There’s a looseness to the recording which you sometimes feel needs a nip or a tuck here and there, but then I’d probably like it less if it were too perfect.

‘Honey I Do!’ Another well-groomed melody with some classy guitar playing. Another track that you can imagine any number of known artists singing. So far this is hitting the spot.

‘Close Their Eyes’...features some effective Spanish style guitar balladeering and a lovely duetted vocal hook. By this point you realise how well the album has been mastered - for a collection of songs essentially presented as “raw”, the decision to use a professional mastering facility was a correct one.

‘Another One Last Chance’ If The Beatles had gone to Nashville instead of Hamburg, then they might have sounded like this. The guitar work on this track is exceptional.

‘Josephine’ A drop in tempo but not in temperature. A choice ballad with some classy, bluesy guitar, slightly redolent of Elton John’s ‘Lady Samantha’.

‘Shadows’ A mid-tempo track which leaves some headroom for the effective story based lyrics.

‘She Fixes Me’...begins with a wash of chorused guitars with a solo guitar reinforcing the vocal. “I might not even be broken, still she fixes me”, says the lyric.

‘You’re Not Here’... instrumentally wanders into new territory with strange synths (or are they guitars in places?) and an almost psychedelic-country feel! This is country music on the ragged edge of something new and special. Possibly the killer track, but with some stiff competition.

'Jaguar Girl' Perhaps the rawest track on the album with a definite 'demo' feel. Despite this, the strong lyrics and equally interesting percussion lend the track its own personality and justify its inclusion.

‘Reprise’...continues to grip the imagination with relentless guitars. More new-wave than new country.

‘Hit The Highway’...sees things slowdown with an alluring country-blues song. “Sometimes when you hit the highway, the highway hits back”. Whisky, bartender!

‘Sleepy Town’ Musically closer to the tracks at the start of the album. When you hear it you realise you’ve been on a journey. 12 tracks in and the songwriting quality is as strong as ever.

‘(Encore)’ A bluesy guitar based outro, which perfectly concludes the album.

At the end, I think I heard myself saying “wow!” It was quite a ride. There are plenty of musical points of reference here and some of The Coastal Cowboys’ influences are listed on their Soundclick and Myspace web sites. It's also very much The Coastal Cowboys. For what is primarily a collection aimed at showcasing (and hopefully selling) individual songs, ‘Ride On!’ also works as a complete album. At times a pleasant evening gallop, at other times a big adventure, 'Ride On!' is for cowboys and cowgirls who don't mind a bit of dust 'n dirt on their ranchboots. Think 'Crosby, Stills and Nash The Slash' and you'll begin to get the idea....

I sincerely hope the Coastal Cowboys do well with this. If it’s any measure of success, in my book they already have.
- Dreamsvile Reviews


The debut CD... Ride On! available NOW!!

Catch the latest from The Coastal Cowboys at;



Welcome to the world of…


“Flint and Squint Bluesole” are fictional personas chosen to present the music of The Coastal Cowboys to the world. While the Coastals have been compared to many different artists, the genres explored by this dynamic songwriting duo range from Alternative Country, Country- flavored Classic Pop and R&B ballads, funky Acid Jazz and even New Wave and guitar driven Power Pop.

Since going online in late September of ’05, The Coastal Cowboys have consistently reached the top five in no less than ten different domestic and international genre charts with well over 30,000 plays on their website, ( is one of the highest ranked unsigned music sites according to Alexa), and their songs have been featured on Live365, Sonicbids and Project Overseer Productions, as well as pod casts and internet radio play in 67 countries world-wide!

Their just-released first album, “Ride On!” has been very well received. Sometimes compared to songwriters like Roy Orbison and Scott Walker, the Coastal Cowboys remain close to their roots. With influences ranging from Johnny Cash to Ultravox!, the chances are very good that “Flint and Squint” can create that certain song quality artists have been searching for. They probably already have!

The entire Coastal Cowboys catalog is also open for placement in film and television. No less than three films expressed interest in The Coastal Cowboys’ music before their new CD was even released!

The Coastal Cowboys and their representatives can be reached through their website at;

"Our influences range from Buffalo Springfield, the Byrds, Johnny Cash, Buck Owens, Roy Orbison, to Bill Nelson, Be Bop Deluxe, Ultravox, Elvis Costello, Ian McNabb, Scott Walker... the list goes on..."