The Coast Pilots

The Coast Pilots

 Santa Rosa, California, USA
BandRockAdult Contemporary

The Coast Pilots play layered pop/rock music that's epic, tasteful, quirky and robust - and that's just the first verse.


With over 10,000 fans on facebook and #1 on the reverbnation pop charts for Santa Rosa, CA this up and coming band is making a name nationally. The Coast Pilots song “Cinderella Smiles” was in the top 10 requested songs on Indie 104/iradio for April/May of 2011. If you've ever sang along to a song by Train, Paramore, or Matchbox 20 while stuck in traffic you will like The Coast Pilots.

Singer Adam Menconi and producer/bass guitarist Erik Erickson formed The Coast Pilots in Santa Rosa in 2009 after meeting through a shady online musicians want ad site.

Menconi had been playing guitar and writing songs for 15 years and Erickson (former member of the Los Angeles Area band Big Dumb Love) had just moved to the Santa Rosa area.

"Even though my studio was set up on the fireplace hearth at the time, we seemed to hit it off" says Erickson.

After honing in a unique but accessable sound which can best be described as "Addictive, melodic, grooves for people that like to rock out in the safe confines of their Prius" Menconi and Erickson decided to record a full album.

"It is important to us to make an album that is family freindly but still rocks" Says Menconi.

The Coast Pilots have spent the last two years writing and
recording rough tracks for the album and are now working at Wheelhouse Studio on the final product.

After going through several line up changes The Coast Pilots magic lineup now also consists of Matt Hennen (Kepler, The Silencers) on drums, John Crowhurst (Skitzo, Mudslide) on lead and stunt guitars, and Justin Leonard (Daelian) on rhythm and lead guitar.

Along with writing, recording and playing live shows the Coast Pilots are also very involved in the Santa Rosa community.

Erickson started the Rincon Valley Education Foundation Music Fundraising program.

"We recorded all the school bands in the Rincon Valley School District and realased a benifit album. 100% of the proceeds go back into the district music program and 20% of online sales benifit VH1 save the music foundation. It's a great way to keep music alive in our schools" says Erickson.


Cinderella Smiles

Written By: Menconi / Erickson

Cinderella smiles got the devil of a grin
You think she came right down from heaven but you’re wondering just when
She figured out your Hollywood and how you want to play
But you wanna try to act tomorrow how you want to be today
You know its coming but the time is now to go
You made your bed to stay at home
Well your indecision rocks your vision but you just don’t let go

And you believe you got
Forever stunted when its
All that you wanted and you came here now to say

And I can see you got
No shame to squander
What you came here to offer
If you know just how to say . . .

Come on Baby don’t be shy
Were gonna get it on together, get it on tonight
You know your love can’t find another way from me

He said she said I don’t know
Where there’s just too many lies to make or break your soul
You said don’t be the one to rock my roll
But there’s once dance left and you know

I made my mind as I watched you move
I said hey now babe, what’d he do to you
When your your love came down

Come on Baby don’t be shy
Were gonna get it on together, get it on tonight
You know your love can’t find another way from me


Written By: Menconi / Erickson

Waiting on these freeway lights to burn themselves to dust
I can’t believe you still around but so far from my touch
Memories circle thunderclouds that break us both apart
Skies can boast of holding you and leaving me your satellite heart
It’s when you fall that you know . . .

When we come crashing down, Can you breathe underwater
And when you can’t make a sound, It’s cause I’m breathing for you
You put your lips to my mouth, tell me you’ll go it alone
You’re not too lost to be found, sometimes we all can feel the undertow

Look up my angel darling, You’ve got so much more to give
Don’t let your eyes close tonight and steal the best you’ve been
staring at your cold decisions, contented sunset falls
The nighttime brings the shadows and circle around their own
captured but calling you home.

This water’s cold, its breaks these bones, but you know I’m hanging on to you
This water’s cold, it breaks these bones but you know I’m hanging on.
Hanging on to you . . .


Album to be released winter 2011

Set List

The Coast Pilots play a set of all original songs. The set is 30 -45 minutes in length and can vary depending on the length of time we are to required to play.

Cinderella Smiles
Leave your Left (alone)
Love Sick
Best Of Us
For the Girl