The Cobalt Season

The Cobalt Season


Indie Folk with Soul. Story-driven Melodies. Hopeful Protest Music. There's got to be something more, something better, something truer. We can no longer bitch and moan about how politics and religion and corporations have failed us. We must be the change we want in the world. We are the ones...


Ever catch yourself in the middle of an inconsistency?

Violently protesting intolerance?

Talking about poverty while sporting the latest sweatshop-made fashions?

Screaming for peace and understanding?

We talk big, dream even bigger, but what does real life look like?

Husband and wife team, Ryan and Holly Sharp, who comprise The Cobalt Season, attempt to explore this publicly…and much else.

In a day when everything sounds and feels the same and where the majority of the voices drivel away about lost romances, a voice like The Cobalt Season carries with it a certain weight. Not only prophetically critiquing the American Dream but creatively imagining more hopeful alternatives.

It’s hard to find a band that can do either of the two very well...let alone do both at the same time.


Careful Not to Draw Your Maps in Pen and Ink

Written By: Ryan Lee Sharp

You are gonna change your mind someday
So just let go of all your thoughts on tomorrow
You may find your bearings in disarray
Though you may lead and trip and fall and follow

And all that you thought black will be proved red
Full of life and complication and sorrow
And all that you thought white was in your head
For life is lived in the shadows that we borrow

And I’ll look far, but may see nothing
And I will thirst, but may not drink
And I will yell to those behind me
“Careful not to draw your maps in pen and ink”

The same road disappears up ahead
Will you ever understand this equation?
The compass in your hand is all but dead
Time to feel your way around this evasion

Read the words again, for you might see
Life where you saw death, a way to your salvation
Best to lay down what you thought was certainty
Freedom’s found in the in that calmed frustration

And I will strain to find a pattern
And hold my breath ’till I’m on the brink
And I will yell to those behind me
“Careful not to draw your maps in pen and ink”

You are gonna change your mind someday
Just let go of all your thoughts

Unified Theory

Written By: Ryan Lee Sharp

Will I know you when I see you?
Look for you in the faces where I go
Beneath the complexity, is there simplicity?
Or is it something I can’t know?

’cause I keep lookin’ ’round the corner
Is this the way? Is it here or there?
Is there anyone out there who cares to see their complicity
And how this is all for us to bear?

In Everything
What’s it mean?
In this in between?

And I’m not askin’ for your charity
Hell, I don’t know what I’m askin’ for
We could attempt to find some clarity between you and me
But I feel I need something more

’cause I spent a lifetime all for this one thing
Careful not to leave a stone unturned
Still I fear I might have turned you off and all is lost
And now the bridge is burned

In everything
What’s it mean?
In this in between
What can I bring?
In everything
Is truth unseen?
And is in between
Is everything?

Help Me Out Here

Written By: Ryan Lee Sharp

Rain fallin’ down on my face
Wash me clean; wash my sins away
And take me back where I used to run
So fast and free, like the Kingdom Come
Just like the Kingdom Come

Still we go marchin’ on, blood on our hands
Dirt on our skin, heads in the sand
In some other time or in the here-and-now
How far will we go? All that we allow

Help me out here…I’m getting tired
Help me out here…I’m getting tired

Pardon me if I say too much
I could never ignore that which I ought not touch
And curiosity might be all I got
And some cynicism from experience wraught
My experience brought me here

They say we must go on, never lookin’ back
Lest we ever learn the wisdom we lack
And curiosity, it might be my death
Though I may rest from time to time to catch my breath

Help me out here…I’m getting tired
Help me out here…I’m getting tired
Help me out here…I’m getting tired
Help me out here…I’m getting tired

And all that we need to see
And all those we need to hear
We tie their hands behind their backs and look away

Yes we tear the shirt right off their back
Then we donate cash for all they lack
Fancy ourselves philanthropists; save justice for another day

And we wonder how we got so far
Making money off each other’s scars
“Still it’s never my fault, I mean what other options did I have?”

Buying someone else’s tyrannic dreams
Of force and greed and foolish schemes
When there is Light to help illuminate the Way

Still we choose to tell each other lies
That this Kingdom can never be realized
The Master never could have meant the words he said
I’m getting tired

Where do we go from here? God only knows
Or perhaps that’s just a bunch bullshit spiritual prose
Perhaps we’re the ones we’ve been waiting for
Perhaps God has been just waiting at our door
He’s waiting at the door
And I’ll try to be the first to tell you when I’m wrong
I’ll write a book about it right here in my song
Here is where I start to try and start again
Learning to become a father and a friend

Help me out here…I’m getting tired
Help me out here…I’m getting tired
Help me out here…I’m getting tired
Help me out here…I’m getting tired


In Search of a Unified Theory (2007)
LIVE: Deconstructing the American Dream (2006)
But I Tell You (2005)
The Cobalt Season (2004)

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