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Got To Get Away

Written By: Vaughn Frederick Rowsell

Got To Get Away
(V. Rowsell)

Verse 1
I read you note you left this morning
First thing when I got home
Honey I do agree
You say the pace is crazy
And we need to take some time
Oh what did you have in mind
We can take a ten-day cruise
Or spend a week up north just the two of us
Or maybe we can take the car and drive

Down through
New York, Cincinnati, Kansas City, or California
We can leave today
We can take the train in Nova Scotia
Visit friends out in Manitoba
Either way we got to get away
Got to get away

Verse 2
Your sister called and she’d love to see us
Maybe it’s time to take that train
God knows we need the change
You always talked about the golden sands
Spending nights walking hand in hand
Baby lets make the plans
We can fly to southern France
If you want to get a little romantic
Or maybe we can take the car and drive