The Cobracircle

The Cobracircle


The Cobracircle is the idea that there is something more.

Whether in our dreams, after we die, or in our current state.

Nothing less, nothing more.

Think different, be different


The CobraCircle

Enter the dream and the imagination. Mix it with reality and see if it still holds form. Being different is what it’s all about. Be original.

“If I can hear it, I can use it in a song”.

“Everything is an influence”.

The Cobracircle is electronic mixed with alternative mixed with post industrial mix with samples mixed with imagination. A sound that provokes thought, compelling the listener to listen more closely. Listeners will notice the emphasis on vocals and drums with melodic synths and guitar to create something unusual but appealing.

The Cobracircle took this idea and performed it to an enthusiastic crowd with success. He also produced a five-song demo called “The Experiment”, accepted by an audience of listeners from all genres of music.

“The Experiment” continues…


The Experment 6 Song Demo

Set List

The Experiment
Nothing Remains
Can't Feel Anymore