The Cockroaches

The Cockroaches


Junior Caesars of the Rockabilly underground, rocking to a sound that is all thier own while staying true to the rock and roll revolution of the 50's. With country sensibility, wild rockabilly energy, and infectuous party rhythm, the Cockroaches fireball will soon be torching hearts near you!


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The Cockroaches
The Cockroaches (Real Big North)
These greased-up bop cats have been playing the local haunts for quite a while and manage to squeeze in all the sweat, beer and blood that their live show is known for on these 15 tracks. This is grade-A rockabilly without the poseur trappings, with just the sparse trio setting and minimal overdubs just adding to the punch. An upright thumping bass keeps the pulse while a twangy Duane Eddy/Chet Atkins guitar and a Charlie Feathers Appalachian croon/holler hovers overhead. Songs like "I'm Gonna Bop 'Til I Sleep In My Grave", "Shoobydoowa" and "Easy Tiger" are just too good to pass up. 8/10 (Johnson Cummins) CD launch with Gogo Pleasers, Walnut Kids, DJ Choyce at Quai des Brumes on Fri., Feb. 22, 9:30 p.m., $7

Show Reviews

When The Cockroaches were unleashed on the crowd they made La Sala Rosa feel 1955 again. This rockabilly trio might not all be of legal drinking age everywhere in North America but they have the spirit of early Rock 'n' Roll in them to such a degree it makes you wonder if they weren't cryogenically frozen decades ago when they fell off the Buddy Holly/Jerry Lee Lewis caravan. Stand-up bass, big-ass Guild guitar, simple drum kit and three strong voices belt out some great in-your-face old school that had the crowd roaring. From my perch stage-left leaning on the speaker columns it was great to see the crowd swaying to the music, dancing and laughing. .....[Eddy Blake] owned the songs, the audience and the venue, twirling his bass, climbing up on it and tossing himself and his instrument all over the stage without missing a lick.

-Indie Can review for La Sala Rosa, Jan 05, 2008

Three kids average age 24, born to rule the hipsters,then take over the planet are boppin to a sound that shoots like a tommy gun aimed at the squares. Theres no stoppin these bad boys creating a sound that is all their own while staying true to the music they like best like, Carl Perkins, Larry Williams, Joe Clay, The Blue Caps, Johnny Burnette, Hasil Adkins, Bo Diddley, Buddy Holly, Chuck Berry, Willie Dixon, Ronnie Self, Bunker Hill, Link Wray. Junior Parker, JB, Coasters, Savage Kicks, Desperate Rock and Roll, Birds, Monks, Stones, Boulders, Nuggets, Pebbles, etc. cool stuff.

With a hot sound and wild show like this it's no wonder why the Cockroaches are packing in sold out shows everywhere they go! The music is pure and simple, yet highly creative and relevant to our times. In a music market saturated with so called 'indie pop' groups it is no wonder why the Cockroaches are a breath of fresh air, and are fast becoming known as the ultimate party band of pure rock and roll essence!


'You Can't Walk My Walk' ep on 7", Solid Sex Lovie Doll Records, Italy, 2007

The Cockroaches, full length debut on Real Big North Records, Montreal

'The 'Bob O Sessions', LP, 2008, release date TBA

Set List

our current original repertoire includes:
You Can't Walk My Walk
Sugar Sweet
The Cat's Ass
I'm Gonna Bop Til I Sleep In The Grave
It Went To My Head
Move Your Self Over
Easy Tiger
In Deep
My Girl Minnie
Lucy Loo
You're the Only One For Me
Apple Sauce
First Degree
Wrecking Ball
Cruel Hearted Dame
Long Blonde Hair
Nobody Likes Me
Hey Cockroach
and others, as it is constantly expanding!

Generally, our songs are short so we can can pack lots of action into a forty five minute set. We prefer to play only our originals, however on occasions where we play alone on the bill (two sets), we fall back on numerous covers by artists such as Eddie Cochran, Chuck Berry, Bill Monroe, Gene Vincent, Johnny Horton, Bunker Hill, Joe Clay, Jackie Brenston, Jerry McCain, Buddy Holly and others. Our versions of these classics and lesser known classics are always sure fire crowd pleasers!