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the Cocktail Preachers

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The Cocktail Preachers bring a slice of The California Sound to Chicago. Think Mai Tai's on the black beaches of Maui. The pounding surf and a hint of coconut oil. Add a dash of Tiki and mussel cars and the Cocktail Preachers take you to a place you never want to leave. Have a cocktail and enjoy!


Hailing from the shores of Lake Michigan, The Cocktail Preachers found that Chicago offers a unique atmosphere for performing. In a big City where blues clubs are dominant, The Cocktail Preachers have almost single-handedly brought their own version of the California sound to the Windy City. The current line-up has been hitting the Chicagoland stages since December 2003, but the Cocktail Preachers have been playing in one form or another since 1997. They have released 4 explosive CD’s to date, gaining local and national radio play. These recording have broadened their already growing fan base. Their current CD “Exotic Moods of…” has earned them live appearances on WGN radio and NBC TV. The video for "Jimmy's New Board" has garnered acclaim on YouTube. But the Cocktail Preachers really come to life in a live stage setting, as they have performed along side Los Straitjackets and the legendary Trashmen (Surfin’ Bird!). In an ongoing effort to take the “word” to the people, their live stage antics have been showcased at clubs as diverse as Trader Vic’s, Kona Kai and Fitzgerald’s, to Metro and Phyllis Musical Inn. In the summer they can be seen performing at outdoor festivals and auto shows. The Cocktail Preachers are no stranger to the road either, as they have travel to New York City, Atlanta, San Jose, Hollywood, Las Vegas as well as frequently performing in many mid-western cities like Milwaukee, Indianapolis, Cleveland, Dayton, and Champaign. After years in a supporting role or co-headlining role, 2008 saw the start of the Cocktail Preachers headlined major surf music shows. Last summer the Cocktail Preachers were bigger than life as they appeared on the big screen when they made a cameo in the movie “Riff Raff” distributed nation wide. Along with constant rave show reviews, the Preachers have contributed to numerous national & international surf music compilations, proving their brand of instrumental music contains no borders. The Cocktail Preachers are currently recording their yet untitled new CD with a release date set for Summer 2010.


Nothing Much was happening - 1998
Spy-Fi - 2000
Open Bar Confessional - 2002
Exotic Moods - 2005
Numerous Compilations distributed world wide on various surf/garage labels.

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Set List

A set includes some original Cocktail Preachers music with some classic surf music covers by the original masters of the genre, Dick Dale, the Ventures, Link Wray, Santo and Johnny and many classic reverb soaked instrumentals with a few vocal number tossed in for spice.