The Cocktail Revisionists

The Cocktail Revisionists


"Intoxicating modern rock with a dash of '60s pop styling." Eclectic pop/rock band, reminiscent of New Pornographers, REM, XTC and World Party. Strong hooks, efficient songwriting, excellent musicianship, and a helluva fun live show. Founded in 2000 by Seattle scene vets, with 3 full length CDs.


The Cocktail Revisionists were formed in 2000 from the wreckage of two other Seattle bands: Blockhead, a punk/pop power trio and Surreal, a modern rock outfit. The connection between these two bands was Patrick Stirrat, Pete Glase and Leslie Kooy who all knew each other since grade school (which is remarkable, as they are now in their late 30's). As the other bands were winding down, these three got together with Neel Daniel and Brian Lumb for some summertime jams in 2000. During those jam sessions, they realized that there was something special going on, and formed a band around it.

Musically, each of the band members bring different backgrounds, influences and flavors to the mix: quirky pop, old-school rock, and even a little jazz thrown in for good measure. Built around the efficient, hook-heavy pop songs of songwriter Patrick Stirrat, the diverse influences of the band have come together to create a unique, timeless sound. The Cocktail Revs have been compared to The New Pornographers, Cracker, XTC, REM, The Dandy Warhols and World Party.

In the studio, the band likes to push the boundaries and mix it up with guest musicians. In 2006 they released "This is My Happy Face" (Urban Cheese Records), which brought trumpet, cello, piano, organ, acoustic guitar and a heavy dose of hand percussion to the vintage drums/bass/jangly guitar sound that has been the band's hallmark.

On stage the band plays with passion and energy, and has a tendency to rock up even the more laid back songs in their extensive catalog. In 2006 keyboardist Mike Kirby (formerly of Seattle live scene stalwarts "The Ghetto Monks") joined the band bringing a new element to the live show.

Notable performances:
- Live in-studio set on Q13 Fox Morning News (Seattle's Fox affiliate) -- January 2003
- Live in-studio performance at KSER 90.7 FM (Everett) -- September 2002


"This is My Happy Face (2006)" - Urban Cheese Records
"A Murder of Crows (2002)" - Urban Cheese Records
"Non-specific Gravity (2001)" - Urban Cheese Records

"Heisenberg's a Jerk" and "The Bar is Closing" from A Murder of Crows received extensive Internet airplay in 2003 and 2004.

"This is My Happy Face" features many radio-friendly songs, and we anticipate that some songs will get adds at college radio and Internet radio in the coming months.

Set List

For 2006, we will play a 45-minute set made up of about 13 songs (8 songs from our new record, and 5 songs from our first two CDs). We play the occasional cover, but usually just one cover per set.