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The Coco Loco Band

Peoria, Illinois, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2004

Peoria, Illinois, United States
Established on Jan, 2004
Band Americana Surf Rock


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"Huge Fan Base"

"Tadd Johnson has a huge fan base. Coco Loco puts on a tireless show that gets the crowd off their feet and dancing. The music keeps flowing and the cocktails do too! I would highly recommend Coco Loco for any type of event. Fun for all ages shows, weddings, private parties, festivals or fairs. Tadd Johnson does a mean Jimmy Buffet, too! A whole lot-ta colada wrapped up in festive Hawaiian attire."
- Autumn Pollard, Adams Outdoor Advertising.
- Adams Outdoor Advertising

"Thumbs Up from Corona!"

"Just wanted to write a quick note to express my company's satisfaction with TJ and the Coco Loco Band. My company, Crown Imports, has been hiring TJ and his band for that past 5 years to play at our annual party during the National Restaurant Show in Chicago. Our customers and even our competitors look forward to coming to this party every year. We bring the booze and TJ brings the entertainment. He is a true chameleon and always has our company's best interests in mind, learning Jimmy Buffett songs when we sponsored his tour and now he has taken on Kenny Chesney songs as well. It is no coincidence that the crowd gathers in the room where the band is playing and completely ignores the other side of the bar where alcohol is served as well. Every year we look forward to teaming up with TJ and the Coco Loco Band and every year, the entertainment just gets better!"
- Carrie Reid, Associate Manager, On-Premise, Crown Imports, LLC, Chicago, IL.
- Crown Imports, LLC

"Coco Loco Headlines Peoria Chiefs "Jimmy Buffett Night""

It’s hard to believe that the start of the season is just over a short four months away. As we all work to finalize our promotional plans, are you planning a "Jimmy Buffet" type theme night and in need of an excellent cover band? Well, I have one for you, the "Coco Loco Band"!!!!! I highly recommend them. They will be returning for the second time in three years for our annual Jimmy Buffet night on Saturday, July 15, 2006. We booked them for the first time in 2004 and missed out on them in 2005 and our fans noticed the absence with many requesting Coco Loco return in 2006. We listened and they are back.

Rocky Vonachen
Peoria Chiefs & O'Brien Field
Class A, Midwest League Affiliate of the Chicago Cubs

- Peoria Chiefs Baseball Club- Class A Chicago Cubs Affiliate

"Coco Loco Rocks Chicago During Buffett Mania"

First off, let me set the record straight. I have seen Jimmy Buffett in concert more than 20 times and I must say it's the best party I have ever attended (yes, even including the Academy Awards). Not only that, the concert is a great time. It is more like two parties in one: the first being the parking lot blast and then the show itself.

This brings me to a show I witnessed July 2 at the Petunia Festival in Dixon. The band in question was named Coco Loco, and judging from that name, I had to check them out. Why?

Coco Loco and Buffett had to be linked somehow.

I wasn't disappointed. This group provided the Buffett fix I and my fellow Parrotheads needed this summer. We gathered and waited for the band to start, and when we glanced toward the stage, it was decorated in all the beach attire one would expect for such an event. Furthermore, the band members themselves were wearing the correct clothes.

I was ready, as well.

Then they emerged. Coco Loco brought their self-proclaimed "tropical rock 'n' roll for your soul" to Dixon and it was a delight. The eight-person band rocked, rolled and made you want to put on some suntan lotion as they wonderfully mixed that tropical sound with many hits we have heard before and keep requesting. Songs that we grew up with and songs that lift us up are what this high-energy and skilled band provides.

And Buffett fans rejoice.

Coco Loco played many Buffett tunes, from the well-known "Margaritaville" and "Cheeseburger in Paradise" to the lesser-played Buffett classics, such as "Last Mango in Paris" to "Pencil Thin Mustache." Those who have seen a Buffett show can attest that they love it when "Pirate Looks at Forty" gets played. Coco Loco plays it and such songs as the Alan Jackson/Buffett hit "It's 5 O'Clock Somewhere" and Kenny Chesney's smash, "No Shirt, No Shoes, No Problems."

Add in Elvis, Van Morrison, Bob Marley, Toby Keith, and even Pink, to name a few, and this is one party and one band not to be missed.

The style of Coco Loco is well-planned. They feel out the audience as to what works and what doesn't. Then they build, and as each set gets more rowdy, they lead the way. By the end, it's hard not to be dancing with complete strangers while singing along to "Fins." Wilson Pickett and a Blues Brothers tune rounded out the evening, as did an encore. (We didn't want them to leave.) I must say, it was one heck of a night.

Thank you, Coco Loco.

I needed that.

- Have Fun Magazine- Author Tim O'brien

"Band Hopes To Send a Tidal Wave of Tropical Energy"

The following is an interview with Coco Loco lead singer TJ Bahama:
I must start by saying that your show builds as it progresses and the energy is intense. Is that designed or does it just happen that way?

You are not imagining things when you say that the band’s stage show gains energy with each set. That is by design. My goal is that by the time we hit our finale, everyone in the crowd is feeling like they just got hit by a tidal wave of tropical energy. I hope that they are exhausted, enthused and leave saying that was the greatest show they have ever seen. I know, myself, that if I am not physically spent at the end of a show, I have not done the audience justice. I have seen too many bands that just "Mail it in" and collect the check at the end of the night. I can’t perform that way. It’s balls out, full-tilt, 110 percent every time.

How did the band get its start?

The band actually got started as an idea that my buddy "Big Wave" Dave Olen and I hatched while running up a serious bar tab at the Margaritaville in Montego Bay, Jamaica, airport during a flight delay. More details of this adventure can be found on our Web site, Just click on the link titled "The Beginning."

How long has the band been together?

The band has been together for about two and a half years. Some of the band members - such as "G-Force" (Mike Garrett on lead guitar) and Wayne Johnson (fiddle, squeezebox, acoustic) - have known each other and crossed paths musically for more than 20 years. We found Brett Sleeman (percussion) from a former band member that I knew from my days at the Baja Beach Club in Chicago, when I used to sing there in the late 1980s and early ‘90s.

You truly have a following from Parrotheads. I am one of them. That has to be special, and it also must be great knowing that many will travel to see your show.

I feel we have a tight connection to the Parrotheads. They are a great audience to have and some wonderful people to get to know. I want to say a special thanks to my buddy Pete Trainor from the Central Illinois Parrotheads out of Bloomington. Thanks, Peter, for your support of the band. It’s always good to see Pete and his crew at our shows. Last year was quite a thrill playing the Corona VIP Pre-Concert Party prior to the Buffett shows in Tinley Park. We had about 1,000 Parrotheads in the Corona VIP tent singing in unison with every Buffett song. That was cool!

How did the Jimmy Buffett connection begin? Was it a natural progression or did it just happen by accident?

It’s kind of funny; some of the guys in the band had never really listened to Buffett before this band, but now they are really digging his music and are becoming tropical junkies!

Have you ever met Jimmy?

I have never met Jimmy personally, but I would love to sit down and talk with him sometime. Not necessarily about music, but other interests that we have in common, such as fishing, flying, boats, food, literature, etc. He seems like someone you could really hang out with and have a good time, someone that doesn’t take himself too seriously.

What are some of your favorite songs?

Some of my favorite songs? Man, I have so many! I like a lot of Buffett’s lesser-known stuff - hell, I like almost all of his stuff; who am I kidding? I have so many different musical interests. I love Elvis Presley. He truly is "The King" in my opinion. I do a cover of "Suspicious Minds" with all the karate moves and everything. The crowd really seems to enjoy that. One song that we do is "Amos Moses," an old tune by Jerry Reed from 1975. It is about a boy who grows up in the swamps of Thibideau, La., whose parents raise him to be an alligator hunter. It’s a fun, funky tune. We go right from that into "Play That Funky Music" by Wild Cherry. Our music encompasses a general feeling of fun, sun, surf, margaritas, tequila, etc. All of our songs have a central theme of escapism running through them. Along with a good dose of Buffett, we do songs by Kenny Chesney, Toby Keith, Bob Marley, etc.

How did the gig at Wrigley Field com about?

We were fortunate enough to be contacted about two years ago by Barton Brands Inc. of Chicago. They are responsible for importing Corona from Mexico to the United States. They had sponsored another band as kind of "their band" here in the Chicagoland area, and were looking to make a change. They apparently liked our energy and the style of our music, and we have been doing the Buffett concert parties for the last two years and hopefully many more to come.

Are there any limits to how far you will travel to perform?

As far as travel, we will go wherever if the check is big enough! Seriously though, I love to travel, and love nothing more than to be in new towns, new states, other countries, sharing this musical party with whoever wants to come along for the ride. I love meeting new people and visiting new places. We always meet the greatest people wherever we go. For example, DIXON, ILLINOIS!!!!!

So how did you like Dixon?

Dixon was a blast! We played there for the Fourth of July weekend at the famous Dixon Petunia Festival. I love playing fairs and festivals. It truly captures the spirit of summertime: people having fun, drinking beers, the smell of all festival foods grilling and frying in the air. Dixon reminds me very much of the town that I grew up in: small farming town with a lot of history and tradition and good people.

Is there anything you would like to add?

I wanted to say one thing about the band. We have assembled such a great cast of talented musicians. It is really a privilege to share the stage with these guys night after night. I hope that everyone that comes out to see Coco Loco leaves the show with a feeling of how much we appreciate them. We are just the delivery boys of the party to some great folks who deserve some celebration in their lives.

- Tim O'Brien

"Easily One of The Top Two Bands I Have Ever Booked"

The Coco Loco Band is easily one of the top two bands we have ever had and I have been booking live music for the past nine or ten years at my club! My regulars did not want to leave the bar. I look forward to having you guys back real soon!

Bob "The Hammer" Fleming
Former Peoria Riverman Professional Hockey Star and owner of "Hammers" nightclub in Bartonville Illinois.

- Hammer's Nightclub

"Wastin' Away in Marga-Wrigleyville"

Wherever Jimmy Buffett goes,
a party is sure to follow.
Wrigley Field over Labor Day
weekend was no exception.

HAVE FUN! With Tim O’Brien
CHICAGO - Jimmy Buffett played Wrigley Field. Yes, he did, for two shows over Labor Day weekend, and it was a first-ever concert event for the famed venue.
And wow, what a party! At first I was not sure about trying to make my way to
Wrigleyville for these shows because of all the hype and, to a certain extent, negativity.
That stemmed from the idea that there would be no tailgat- ing and the prices would be
too high to have a good time. Oh, there was tailgating - not the normal kind we see at Alpine Valley or Tinley Park, but still plenty of shrimp platters, beer, margaritas and much more. Furthermore, all the bars around the field had special parties and themed events.
Many people who bought tick- ets got special VIP deals at the bars. That really is what it's all about. Get as many deals as you can and you won't have to spend as much as planned.
Take the perks and enjoy.
HAVE FUN! was invited to the Corona-sponsored event at the world famous Cubby Bear, directly across from the Wrigley Field entrance. I must say it was quite a time. Host
band Coco Loco played and all the food and beer was free. Yes, free (from 3-6). CocoLoco played Hi Tops after the concert, as well. Even lead singer TJ Bahama said he was getting a bit winded by Sunday night. As the sun soaked Chicago, the throngs of Parrotheads filled every bar, tavern, restaurant, parking lot, even McDonald's, to eat, drink and soak up the atmosphere. On Sunday Buffett performed at 6 p.m., and on Monday a 2 p.m. matinee was in order. An interesting thing happened before that Sunday show. Because most of us get to a concert featuring Buffett hours ahead of time, and sometimes the night before, there is plenty of time to mingle and party. Well, that's when this happened. I was sipping an ice- cold Bud Light at Murphy's when Iheardasoundcheck in progress. I looked up over the fence, and sure enough, I saw Buffett strumming his guitar while singing "City of New Orleans." It was being filmed to be used to help raise funds for hurricane victims. He was perched in the right-field bleachers, not on the stage. Because of the mingling and being at this bar at this time, many around us got to shake Jimmy's hand before he hopped in his limo. He walked along Sheffield Avenue and
signed a baseball and shook hands. The woman next to me actually said, "I touched him! I ran my hands up and down his arm!" Buffett later would play that song as an encore and send us on our way. Before that, every single song you know and love was performed so there is no sense listing them.

- Have Fun Magazine

"Caribbean Fundraiser"

What a great addition The Coco Loco Band was to our Caribbean-themed fundraiser! Our full evening of cocktails, dinner and auctions was topped off in great style with your wonderful rock and roll for the soul music. Many of our donors and guests said good things to us about our choice of bands. Thanks for helping us give them a good time!
Gayle L. Rathbun; Vice-President for Development, Peoria Zoological Society
- Peoria Zoological Society

"Goodtime Department!"


Hey! A Goodtime Department...
I have to say, this weekend in Peoria offered up some great things to do which in this town it's sometimes hard to do. I mean there was baseball at O'Brien Field, the Boat Drunks were down on the CEFCU stage on the riverfront, something happening at the Civic Center, and the Spirit of Peoria had a dinner and dance cruise.

We did the latter and decided to try the cruise on the river. The weather around here has been wonderful and if you have lived here for any length of time, you know what Peoria can be like in August. Like the south side of Brazil. So, at $30 a ticket, you got a dinner, 2hr cruise, and dancing to a band. I have seen the Boat Drunks and while I like baseball, I don't like it enough to go more than twice a year so the cruise was something different to do for us. I haven't been on board the Spirit of Peoria in years and I mean years and all I remember was the smell of fumes, river water, and luke warm beers.

This was different and I have to say this was a great time. First off, the boat is beautiful and clean. I was impressed with the upkeep and the crew. The food was excellent, roasted chicken, pulled pork, beef, corn on the cob, coleslaw, all the things that make for a great mid west type dinner in the summer. The beer was ice cold and the crew was most accommodating. About 300 people paid to go. I had no idea that these cruises were that popular but the weather was a big help I'm sure. Picture perfect and if I didn't know better, I'd swear someone paid to have the full moon hung so clearly in the night sky.

The thing that really made this cruise was the band. Coco Loco. I have heard of these guys but never seen them perform and boy did they perform. They play Jimmy Buffett genre type music but have a wide range of songs. My son plays bass for them on most occasions and played with them at the State Fair in Springfield when I had Lewis Black tickets. From the little video I have of them (posted here from Springfield) and if I knew what a *&%$##@ Black turned out to be, I would have gladly sold my tickets and gone south to Springfield and partied with Coco Loco at the fair.

I am glad I didn't miss their performance on the Spirit of Peoria Friday night. They wailed non stop the whole cruise and had the whole boat up and dancing. We were truly rocking the boat. TJ Bahama, the band's front man and lead singer is excellent and knows how to get the audience involved. Wayne Johnsonwho plays among other things the guitar, the fiddle, and a rather neat and old squeeze box is amazing as are all the other players. These guys really took us back to the Caribbean Friday night. Hoodoo voodoo and what not, it was one of the best times I have had in awhile.

There are indeed things to do in Peoria and reflecting back, it was cool that in this area we do have some "nuggets" or jewels for Peorians to partake in. Coming down the river, with a full moon, clear night sky, cool temperature, looking at the Peoria skyline, lights from O'Brien Field, the CEFCU stage with many boats moored lit up and people enjoying music, and all of us on an old time paddle wheeler, moon light reflecting off the water, Margaritaville being played in the background, well, it made me thank my lucky stars I live in Peoria. Nothing wrong with that.


- The Peoria AntiPundit 2.0


Samples of our streaming covers can be found in both mp3 and streaming video format at by clicking on the "Audio and Video" Link




Allow me to introduce you to the CocoLoco Band. The CocoLoco Band was born as the brainchild of longtime friends TJ Bahama (Lead Vocals) and Dave Olen (a.k.a. Big Wave Dave) in the Margaritaville Café of the Montego Bay, Jamaica Airport.
During a flight layover from Chicago to Curacao, the two friends were watching videos of Jimmy Buffett concert performances while cooling off with the soothing beverages of the region.
After much philosophical discussion, it was decided that TJ Bahama should come out of musical retirement from his days at The Baja Beach Club of Chicago. Upon returning stateside, TJ proceeded to call some of his former musical partners and like a tide swelling offshore, the CocoLoco Band was born and the project had taken on life.
Today, the CocoLoco Band travels extensively providing a high-energy, take no prisoners, tropical escape for landlocked corporate types and those seeking the adventure and relaxation of warm weather destinations of afar.
Like blending the perfect margarita, the band mixes in songs by Jimmy Buffett and other tropically inspired artists, to weave a hammock of tunes that blend in all the elements of a tropical getaway. Warm weather, sun, surf, soothing beverages, distant ports of call and all-out no apologies revelry help transport cocoloco fans to a place where as one song says…."Troubles I forgot 'em…I buried' em in the sand."-