The Co-Conspirators

The Co-Conspirators


The Co-Conspirators music combines garage rock and punk with roots and polished adult pop.


The band started a few years ago in Mel and Sandy's little Detroit apartment. They were engaged, and living on a lean budget, both working, and going from job to job. Mel realized Sandy's musical talent and pushed her forward with it. They bought instruments they couldn't afford and began writing. With the life experience of struggling adults, songs were written quickly and honestly.

    They eventually got out of the city and began practicing with a Drummer. That's when the Co-Conspirators were born. The trio played small shows in, and around Detroit, and produced a self- titled EP.

    The music is drenched with the sounds of their influences like the Smithereens and Led Zeppelin. Sandy's voice simply kills. Close your eyes, and you'll hear the Pretenders, Patsy Cline, and Cowboy Junkies... It goes from purr to wail to jubilance over the course of one tattered bar. Her guitar work is like a swampy soul-cousin of Keith Richards.



Written By: Sandra Andrews

Underneath the grass, not far away,
the feelings come and go like waves

Feeling betrayed by my memory,
because you are far too clear in my mind
as always, still very near

But the waves will lift these thoughts from my mind,
bringing me to a place far from this time

And the waves have a way of clearing the shallow grassy ground,
and leaving a new beginning waiting to be found

Remembering all so well, I am glad that you are free,
Knowing always, better loved ye canna be

Colors turn from green to brown to green,
and various shades in between

Sometimes hidden, but always there,
the waves of change are everywhere


© 2003 Waves Sandra Andrews


1 EP which includes "Waves", "Cigarette" by the Clarks and another original called "Try."

Set List

Sets are approximately 30 minutes and consist of mostly originals. Covers include "I Turned Into a Martian" by the Misfits and "On Top of Your World" by Sahara Hotnights. We stick to obscure cover songs by bands we enjoy listening to but are not necessarily well known.